2006 all print exhibition appears at the 8th world

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"2006 all printing exhibition" was unveiled at the 8th world printing Congress

the quadrennial printing industry event - the world printing Congress (WPC) will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, on January, 2005. As a founding member of the world printing and Communication Forum (WPCF), China will organize a delegation of more than 150 people to participate in the conference with a strong lineup. At the same time, as the most well-known printing exhibition in China, "China International all printing exhibition" will also appear at the exhibition held at the same time of the conference, to further introduce the all printing exhibition to the printing industry, expand its influence on the world printing stage, and introduce the preparatory work for the second all printing exhibition to the industry. The second "all printing exhibition" to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on june2006, on the basis of the successful holding of the previous one, is more actively exploring the overseas printing market, aiming to become the most prestigious international printing exhibition in Asia. After participating in drupa2004 held in Germany and successfully holding the 2006 all print exhibition promotion conference during the exhibition, the all print exhibition will soon appear at the eighth world printing conference

2003 all China international printing exhibition attracted 480 well-known pre press, printing, packaging, post press equipment and printing consumables manufacturers from 23 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Finland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Australia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Among them, there are 98 international exhibitors, 3 domestic exhibitors. In today's market, there are 82 so-called flame retardant B1 composite polyurethane materials that have not really reached the national mandatory standards. At the same time, more than 53000 professional visitors visited the 2003 China International all printing exhibition, including 2619 international visitors. The cumulative transaction on the exhibition site and the intention to order equipment until it enters the normal working state reached 1.5 billion yuan

drupa2004 all print exhibition promotion conference, after nearly half a year of unremitting preparatory work, the three sponsors of all print exhibition have made substantial progress in basic work such as site determination, exhibitor service, audience organization, station opening, etc. this all print exhibition in South Africa promotion conference is the second time that the second all print exhibition has appeared in the international large-scale printing activities that usually degrade since its preparation, It is intended to show the good image of the All India exhibition. It is believed that the glory of the first all India exhibition and the fruitful preparations for the second all India exhibition will attract more international manufacturers to participate in the exhibition and actively explore their Chinese market. At the same time, during the gathering of industry insiders in the world in South Africa, the organizer of the All India exhibition will actively exchange and communicate with representatives from all countries. It is hoped that more foreign delegations will organize international employees to visit the All India exhibition in China, Adhering to the concept of serving the whole industry, the All India exhibition organizers will attract more powerful professional visitors, provide the best services for exhibitors who have always supported the All India exhibition, and organize the most powerful international visitors

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