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Summary of the work of Zhejiang instrument and meter industry association in 2012 under the leadership of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, with the support of the affiliated unit - zhongkong technology group and all the directors and member units, Zhejiang instrument and meter industry association actively carried out activities and achieved certain results according to the purpose of the Association and around the general requirements of the central government's policies of stabilizing growth, expanding domestic demand, adjusting structure and seeking progress while maintaining stability. With the joint efforts of the whole industry in real-time curve display and processing, the economy maintained steady development throughout the year

I. The fifth member congress was held and a new Council and leading body were elected

in order to hold the meeting well, the chairman and vice chairman's meeting was held previously to deliberate and discuss the agenda of the meeting and the candidates for directors of the Council. The conference was officially held in Hangzhou on February 20. Fifty three representatives attended the meeting. Li Dan, director of the regulation department of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, came to the meeting for guidance, conveyed the spirit of vice governor Mao Guanglie's instructions on strengthening the work of industry associations, and put forward requirements for doing a good job in the work of industry associations. The Fourth Board of directors made a work report at the meeting, reviewed the development process of instrument and meter industry in Zhejiang Province, summarized the work of the association in the past four years, and explained the amendment of the articles of association of the association and the recommendation of candidates for directors at the grand event with strong market demand. Then, in accordance with the prescribed procedures, the Fifth Council and leading body were elected, and relevant resolutions were adopted

the Congress also organized a special report in combination with the current economic situation. The chairman of the board of directors, Chu Jian, was re elected to make a report on "the key special implementation plan for the 12th Five Year Plan of intelligent manufacturing technology development and how instrument enterprises in Zhejiang Province can participate in the national science and technology plan", zhouliangzhang, the leader of Haixing electric appliance, introduced his experience in "going abroad and expanding greater development space", zhangweining, the leader of China control technology group, introduced his experience in "the innovation road of China control", etc

these reports and experience introductions are very enlightening for us to broaden our horizons and expand our development ideas

II. Improve information service. Taking advantage of information resources, the association publishes Zhejiang instrument and meter communication on a monthly basis. Timely convey the guidelines and policies of relevant central and provincial leading departments and the spirit of important meetings, reflect the industrial economic operation situation, market demand, domestic and international scientific and technological development trends, and exchange the trends and experiences of enterprises in technological innovation, operation and management. The content closely follows the situation, is highly targeted, and has played a better role of staff guidance

at the beginning of this year, Zhejiang provincial instrument station has been officially established and opened, providing a convenient information channel for more readers

III. according to the authorization of the Provincial Bureau of statistics and the former economic and Trade Commission, the completion of various economic indicators of instrument and meter enterprises in the province is counted twice in the first half of the year and the whole year. Each time, after comprehensive analysis, a written report is formed to enable relevant leading departments and enterprises to fully understand the economic operation situation of the whole industry, find out the gap, and provide a reference basis for leaders' business decisions

IV. according to the arrangement of the provincial economic and Information Commission and the provincial industrial economy Federation, the soft topic of "2012 Zhejiang instrument industry competitiveness development report" was completed. On the basis of investigation and research, the report expounds the current situation of industrial development, analyzes the characteristics, advantages and existing problems of industrial development, and puts forward ideas and Countermeasures for future development. In other words, the report is comprehensive in content and plays a guiding role in the development of the industry. In fact, it is also the reference draft of the 12th Five Year Plan of the whole industry. It has been included in the report on the development of industry and informatization competitiveness of Zhejiang Province and has been officially published

v. host the "China International (Ningbo) water meter Expo". At the end of November, the water meter Expo sponsored by the association and co organized by China Chamber of Commerce for the promotion of international trade, Ningbo Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and Ningbo water meter Association opened in Ningbo, the "water meter city". Nearly 100 enterprises from all over the country participated in the Expo (including 30 enterprises in the province). The exhibits include ordinary water meters, intelligent water meters, water meter management systems, etc., providing a platform for learning, exchange and cooperation for Zhejiang water meter industry and related enterprises, Highly valued and well reflected by manufacturers in the industry. Zhangweining, vice president and Secretary General of the association, and xuhonghui, Deputy Secretary General of the association, attended the exhibition activities and visited the booth of exhibitors in the province. Taking advantage of the exhibition opportunity, the Secretariat of the Association (including hang ningwen, part-time Deputy Secretary General) held a secretariat meeting to discuss the work of the association

VI. other work. It includes investigating and researching enterprises, helping enterprises to provide consultation, reflecting the common demands of enterprises to relevant leading departments, developing a number of new member units, and providing qualification certificates for enterprises to evaluate and apply for famous brand products and well-known trademarks, export, etc

over the past year, the association has done a lot of work, the activities have been carried out normally, the funds have been balanced, and the annual review and annual inspection have passed, but there is still a big gap with the requirements of the situation. Due to various reasons, some functions are not in place. In the future, we will make further efforts to do a better job of the association with a pioneering and innovative spirit. Through joint efforts, we will promote the steady and rapid development of the instrument and meter industry in the province, and leap from a large instrument and meter province to a strong instrument and meter province

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