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Relevant departments in Lishui remind enterprises to "slim down" the packaging as soon as possible.

there are exquisite large packages outside, but there are thin food inside. Such excessive food packaging is still popular all over China, but if such excessive packaged food is exported to foreign countries, it may encounter huge fines from importing countries. A few days ago, Lishui entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded Lishui export food enterprises to "slim down" food packaging in time for easy operation

it is understood that in recent years, more and more prepackaged foods have been exported from Lishui to all over the world. Some enterprises also take product packaging as an important means to open up the international market. So far, Lishui has more than 20 enterprises engaged in the production of export food, mainly concentrated in Qingyuan, Longquan and Jingning counties (cities). These enterprises mainly export boiled bamboo shoots, dry and fresh vegetables and salted foods, and their products are mainly exported to Japan, Germany, the United States and other countries. Last year, Lishui's food export enterprises developed well, and the annual trade volume reached 130million yuan

in recent years, the personnel from the inspection and quarantine office of Lishui entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that at present, although Lishui export enterprises have not encountered fines for food packaging problems, they still know little about the strict requirements of foreign countries on imported food packaging. With the increasing emphasis on food packaging in various countries, this issue should be highly valued by Lishui export enterprises

then, how should the food export enterprises in Lishui "downsize" and redesign the packaging? It is reported that the key point is to design food packaging according to different requirements of different countries for food packaging. At present, for food exported to the United States and Canada, it is required that there should not be too many empty spaces in the packaging, and the height and volume difference between the packaging and the contents should not be too large, because these two countries stipulate that if an enterprise does not exaggerate the packaging without reason due to technical needs, it will be deemed as a fraud, and it will be punished. For food packaging exported to South Korea, the packaging ratio and layers of food shall comply with the provisions of the government, or a maximum fine of 3million won will be imposed. For the food exported to Germany, the folded single corrugated cardboard liner in the carton package cannot be arranged loosely. The country believes that if the carton volume is artificially expanded, it should be treated. According to the "speed a or B guide to the new packaging guidelines" specially formulated by Japan, the volume of the packaging container should be reduced as much as possible. It is stipulated that the empty space in the container should not exceed 20% of the container volume, and the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the selling price of the product. The packaging should correctly display the value of the product to avoid misleading consumers. Otherwise, it should also be punished


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