2012abb automation world will be held next month

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ABB Automation World 2012 will be held next month. Location: Shanghai, China. ABB automation world is the world's leading power and automation technology group. The optical appearance of Plexiglas materials remains almost unchanged during the service life of vehicles. Abb is the largest customer activity in North Asia and China. The activity has experienced four years of development, It has become an annual event in the automation field with an average annual growth rate of 16% for polyurethane insulation materials in China

in 2012, the world economic outlook is uncertain. ABB automation is willing to work with you to explore a sustainable development path to a bright future in a complex situation. The 2012 ABB automation world event will focus on industrial upgrading and service, and discuss with the guests how to use automation technology to improve production efficiency and energy efficiency, so as to promote the sustainable development of enterprises through industrial upgrading

in the two-day event, we will discuss such hot topics as renewable energy, energy storage technology, electric vehicle charging, ship shore power, data center, etc. the form of the event includes theme forum, industry forum, lecture training and exhibition; We look forward to discussing technology, interpreting trends, sharing experiences and planning blueprints with our customers through multi-level and multi angle content combination

at that time, a strong working team composed of external experts, customer representatives, abb senior managers, abb technical experts and front-line engineering technicians will make every effort to ensure that you spend a full and happy time at the event site; At the same time, we will also set up multiple interactive links, hoping to learn more about your needs and provide you with better services

the stress-strain shapes on the surface of the first three automation world events held in Shanghai and Beijing were also different. The themes were innovation and resource efficiency, intelligent technology and energy efficiency, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The three events attracted more than 5000 guests


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