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The 2012 XCMG maintenance product technology exchange and product exhibition was grandly held. The 2012 XCMG maintenance product technology exchange and product exhibition was grandly held. The letter of China Construction machinery also broke the inherent pattern of the industry. Introduction: on April 22, the 2012 XCMG group maintenance product technology exchange and product exhibition was grandly held in XCMG road construction company. The technical exchange and product exhibition is based on faith, With the theme of win-win cooperation, relevant leaders and industry experts from China's highway construction industry and association, as well as Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan

on April 22, 2012, XCMG group's maintenance product technology exchange and product exhibition was grandly held in XCMG road construction company. The theme of this technology exchange and product exhibition was "faith in the world, win-win cooperation". More than 200 people from China's highway construction industry and association, industry experts, customer representatives and agents in Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui attended the exchange

as the pacesetter of China's construction machinery, XCMG has always adhered to the core values of "taking on great responsibilities, walking the road and becoming a great thing". Driven by the idea of "serving the country through industry", XCMG has made great efforts to undertake the important task of the development of national construction machinery. XCMG's roller has ranked first in the national sales for 26 consecutive years, XCMG's paver has ranked first in the national sales for 16 consecutive years, and XCMG's grader has also led the industry for 10 consecutive years, and XCMG has high hopes In recent years, the maintenance machinery products that have invested a great deal of energy have made great progress

yangdongsheng, vice president of XCMG machinery, briefly introduced the basic situation, product series and development vision of XCMG's maintenance in his speech. He said: the maintenance machinery products with a history of more than ten years have burst out with greater vitality with the layout of XCMG in terms of products, production capacity, channels and services. XCMG's milling machines have dominated the market for five consecutive years, XCMG's black pavement maintenance machinery has also become a reliable choice for users. XCMG is the only enterprise in China that can provide complete sets of road construction and maintenance machinery. The scale and completeness of XCMG's road construction and maintenance machinery have also leapt to the first in the world. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, XCMG will further accelerate the development of maintenance machinery industry, focus on improving the industrialization scale of complete sets of road maintenance equipment such as milling machines, cold regeneration, hot regeneration and preventive maintenance products, and build them into an important sector and brand industry of XCMG group, making greater contributions to the development of road maintenance in China and the world

Luozehua, Deputy Secretary General of pavement and compaction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, gave a speech on the current situation and market development of pavement maintenance products. He said: Although the entire pavement machinery market has entered a period of in-depth adjustment, from the perspective of the overall environment in the field of transportation infrastructure construction, the trend of the great development of China's highway transportation has not fundamentally changed, and the demand potential of the international market has yet to be released, especially on September 25, 2014, by the Research Center for persistent organic pollutants of Tsinghua University The "seminar on the environmental impact of flame retardant hbcdd" co sponsored by the persistent organic pollutants Professional Committee of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences is a rare opportunity for the road maintenance market in the next few years. He believes that the products displayed and promoted by XCMG group this time have greatly improved and made great progress compared with last year. The launch of XCMG's complete series of new maintenance products marks XCMG's persistent efforts and outstanding contributions to improving the mechanization level of the domestic road maintenance market! At present, China's highway transportation industry has entered a new stage of development, and more efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly highway maintenance equipment will receive warm and extensive attention. It is hoped that XCMG road construction can move according to the situation, stand at the forefront and become a trendsetter in the great development of highway maintenance

the head of XCMG's product R & D also introduced XCMG's complete set of maintenance products in detail, and took the opportunity of this technical exchange meeting to have an in-depth discussion with the participating experts on XCMG's "12th Five Year Plan" maintenance machinery strategic planning, and the participating experts put forward suggestions on XCMG's manufacturing and development strategies for pavement and maintenance equipment

at the same time, the technical exchange and product exhibition showed the full range of XCMG's road rollers, pavers, milling machines, road mixers, road cold recycling machines, slurry sealers, asphalt distributors, synchronous macadam trucks and other black road maintenance machinery to guests from all walks of life. These products have independent intellectual property rights, occupy the leading edge in industry technology, and represent the comprehensive strength of XCMG's maintenance machinery, It was highly praised by technical experts and participating users. At the exhibition, XCMG road construction obtained a large number of sales orders and achieved fruitful results. New products such as xm101k milling machine, xlz250 pavement cold recycling machine, XF100 slurry sealing machine, xls130 asphalt distributor and xt120 synchronous gravel truck displayed on site were snapped up by customers on the spot

the convening of this technical exchange conference sounded the battle horn of XCMG to seize the development opportunity and comprehensively enter the maintenance machinery market, and fully demonstrated the determination and strength of XCMG group to build the maintenance machinery brand industry and commit to the development of road maintenance in China and the world


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