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LiShufu: the hope of China's automobile industry lies in Zhejiang. Scientific and technological innovation is a means of enterprise progress and development. Enterprise progress and development cannot be separated from science and technology and innovation. On November 2, LiShufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, once again emphasized the important role of scientific and technological innovation in the high-quality development of enterprises at the third (2019) Qiantang River forum

the automobile industry is known as the king of manufacturing industry, and its high-quality development directly determines the high-quality development of the real economy. At the moment of global automotive industry reform and business reshaping, only by adhering to innovation and development can Chinese automotive enterprises lead the transformation and upgrading, maintain sufficient competitive advantages and strengthen the Chinese automotive industry. As a representative of China's private automobile enterprises, Geely Holding Group actively promotes the construction of innovative technology enterprises and gradually realizes the transformation from an automobile manufacturer to a mobile travel service provider

technology transformation three-dimensional layout of the future travel ecology

technology drives innovation and innovation leads high-quality development. In Geely, innovation is not only a slogan, but also a real R & D investment, but also a continuous innovation process of the whole system and industry chain. In 2018, Geely Holdings' group wide R & D investment was about RMB 21billion, accounting for 6.4% of the group's total sales revenue in 2018. Over the past decade, the group has invested nearly 100billion yuan in R & D. Geely technology group, a subsidiary of Geely holdings, has always adhered to science and technology empowerment, built a new energy system for the whole industry chain, explored full structure lightweight materials and technological innovation, created full-mode travel services, and enriched online life in all fields, so as to realize ecosystem science and technology innovation in the field of interconnection of all things and travel

in the interconnected world, the future means of transportation must be intelligent space mobile terminals with high integration of online and offline. What has Geely done to prepare for the four modernizations? It is understood that Geely Intec humanized intelligent driving technology is committed to bringing users a safer, healthier and intelligent driving experience composed of human and vehicle interaction. At present, Geely has reached the first place in terms of L2 configuration rate and market share of new mass-produced models in the industry. From 2020, Geely Automobile will take the lead in realizing L3 level automatic driving in 350000 kilometers of expressways, 22000 kilometers of urban elevated roads and 30 cities, explore the development of cutting-edge technologies such as industrial interconnection, 5g and v2x, and actively build a three-dimensional smart travel ecology

for the future, Geely dares to look up and makes an all-round layout in terms of shared travel to create a smart three-dimensional travel ecology in the future. Among them, Geely Technology Group has built a new energy travel platform in B2C mode. Caocao travel has been put into operation in 50 cities across the country, with a daily demand of 1.65 million orders, ranking first among B2C platform users in many cities across the country. Mercedes Benz Yao travel, a high-end travel project jointly built by Geely and Daimler, will be put into operation by the end of this year. Hangzhou will be the first operating city. The volocopter jointly invested by Geely and Daimler successfully realized its first public manned flight in Singapore last month, which will meet the travel needs of many users in large cities in the future who simply do not know what to do

where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity to firmly grasp the initiative of development

today's world, whether the automotive industry or other industries, is facing the challenge of change. The world has opened a big window to expand tables and cut interest rates, and the era of a new round of major adjustment of the global economy has come. LiShufu believes that we cannot avoid it. We must face it bravely, look for opportunities in the face of challenges, avoid risks in the face of opportunities, and constantly lay the foundation, practice internal skills, adjust the inconformity without damage, and prevent the connector from falling off; Clear structure and promote sustainable development of enterprises

throughout the global automobile industry, the whole industry is in a recession, with profits generally declining, bankruptcy, reorganization and M & A cases occurring from time to time. However, LiShufu believes that this is just an opportunity to develop Zhejiang's automobile industry. After the economic stimulus in 2008, there is no crisis. There is no opportunity. This is an inevitable response to the major adjustment of the global industrial structure. This is the inevitable result of the great change in the world economic pattern that no one can stop. If we can seize this opportunity in time, we will be able to take the initiative in development

the hope of China's automobile industry in Zhejiang since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhejiang people have been facing the spring breeze of reform, adjusting measures to local conditions, making simple things, and using their diligence and tenacity to boldly practice and explore. The Qiantang River Basin is a strong province of private economy with thousands of years of cultural accumulation like Zhejiang. It is self-evident that it plays an important role in promoting the integration of the Yangtze River Delta

as early as 15 years ago, Li Shufu said that the hope of China's automobile industry lies in Zhejiang. Early predicted the development trend of Zhejiang automobile industry. He believes that Zhejiang's policy environment, public opinion atmosphere, degree of marketization, developed private economy and auto parts industry foundation, as well as Zhejiang People's fighting spirit and distinctive advanced concepts, have bred the miracle of China's economy

as a typical automobile enterprise in Zhejiang, Geely started in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and has a production and R & D layout in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Huzhou and other places. Geely has always carried out in-depth cooperation with upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises with an open, inclusive and cooperative attitude, driving the coordinated development of auto parts enterprises in Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta

in LiShufu's opinion, the backwardness of ideas is the greatest backwardness. An advanced idea can invigorate a sleeping area and promote the rapid development of one party's economy. Zhejiang people have a distinctive and advanced concept. I believe that with the continuous expansion of the scale of Zhejiang's automobile industry and the continuous improvement of product quality and grade, Zhejiang will certainly be able to form a prestigious automobile industry R & D and manufacturing base in the world, become a new highland for the development of China's automobile industry, and make greater contributions to the development of China's automobile industry


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