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2012 Weichai business conference is not only pragmatic but also pragmatic. Introduction: January 6, 2012 is the first weekend of the new year. In the thousand person conference hall of Weifang Fuhua Hotel, Shandong, Weichai Power dealers from all over the country and even the world are crowded. The annual Weichai business conference is being held here. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, I participated in many enterprises

january 6, 2012 is the first weekend of the new year. In the thousand person conference hall of Weifang Fuhua Hotel, Shandong, Weichai Power dealers from all over the country and even the world are crowded. The annual Weichai business conference is being held here

at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, I participated in the annual business conference of many enterprises. What is quite new is that the Weichai business conference did not have the usual publicity content such as performance reports, ideas and objectives; Instead, several market leaders were invited to talk about the market segmentation situation, the adaptability of Weichai's new products, and the effective purchase scheme provided to customers. At the same time, the meeting was interspersed with questions by the host, and the dealers responded enthusiastically, forming waves of interactive upsurge

in order to let dealers and customers personally experience the energy-saving effect of Weichai engines, Weichai innovatively launched the fuel saving experience activity at the 2012 business conference, and implemented the live broadcast of real-time fuel saving parameters on TV for the first time

real fuel economy is not afraid of real cars.

it was seen at the business conference site that through the large screen, the representatives of the participating dealers and service providers witnessed the automatic output of fuel consumption, engine speed, speed, water temperature and other working parameters during the real-time driving process

in this 100 km highway fuel saving experience, the actual fuel consumption of Weichai wp12.375n engine reached 37.8 L/100 km. Weichai technical experts have explained the reason why Weichai engine performs so well is that it mainly benefits from the application of the leading "D-speed power" and "powertrain matching technology"

according to experts, the "D-speed power" innovated and developed by Weichai avoids the high speed and high fuel consumption area, further widens the low fuel consumption area of the engine, and enables the whole vehicle to run in the low fuel consumption area for a longer time through reasonable configuration. When Weichai engine is used in standard load transport vehicles, it has four advantages of "strong power, low fuel consumption, long service life and low noise" under common speed conditions. Benefiting from the only national commercial vehicle powertrain engineering technology research center set up by the Ministry of science and technology in Weichai, Weichai has launched the "powertrain system matching technology" in line with international standards through years of professional research, which matches the D-speed fuel-saving power with multi gear transmission and small speed ratio single-stage rear axle, changes the fuel-saving mode relying solely on the engine, and greatly improves the economy of the whole vehicle

after a year of rigorous test on the standard load version powertrain system, Weichai 10L and 12L standard load engines have significant fuel saving performance, of which the fuel consumption of 12L engine has decreased by 15.8%, reducing the transportation cost for users

Weichai is rich in energy-saving and economical new products.

the survey data shows that the standard load proportion of hazardous goods transportation and car transportation has reached 100%, and the standard load proportion of distribution transportation and coal transportation is more than 80%, while the fuel expenditure accounts for 34% of the whole transportation cost and 70% of the controllable cost. Therefore, drivers who used to rely on overload and overrun to make up for the losses caused by high fuel consumption have begun to consider replacing more fuel-efficient and economical models under standard load

in response to the demand of the transportation industry for energy-saving models, Weichai has taken advantage of the trend. At present, a full range of fuel-efficient power products are on the market. Due to its strong R & D supporting capacity and the ability to provide users with customized power configuration schemes, Weichai has power of 80~520 horsepower, supporting medium-sized and heavy trucks, large and medium-sized buses and various engineering machinery products

2011, in the complex market competition, Weichai insisted on taking products as the foundation and channels and services as the starting point to provide users with products that can create greater value. Weichai fuel-efficient engine has become the biggest highlight of the fuel-efficient heavy truck of Futian Auman highway; On the new product release of Shaanxi heavy truck business annual meeting, Weichai engine has also become a major selling point

over the years, Weichai has been advocating the concept of green power, energy conservation and emission reduction, and has made positive contributions to the overall technological innovation of the industry and related industries. At present, Weichai has set up "Three Kingdoms and seven places" product R & D institutions in North America, Europe and China to build an industrial chain innovation platform to provide users with high-quality and efficient power products. According to statistics, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Weichai has developed more than 50 new products. It has taken the lead in successfully developing high-power high-speed diesel engines that meet the national emission standards for the third, fourth and fifth years in China and have completely independent intellectual property rights. Its main technical indicators are in line with the international advanced level. Among them, the Lanqing Guosan engine, which is currently supplied in large quantities in the market, saves more than 15% fuel than similar domestic products. According to the statistics of the industry association, if Weichai engine is used and each commercial vehicle runs 100000 kilometers a year, the annual fuel saving can reach more than 4800 liters; If calculated by onemillion vehicles, nearly 5 tons of diesel fuel can be saved in a year, and the batch test site with special emphasis on experimental effectiveness is million tons

start the full life cycle mode

at the 2012 Weichai business conference, Weichai innovatively put forward the concept of "full life cycle service" to users, in order to create greater value for customers

"full life cycle service" can make the product always in the optimal state for users: that is, provide regular "physical examination" in addition to routine maintenance, evaluate product performance, prepare sufficient spare parts, provide supporting facilities to expand functions, remanufacture and refurbish old machines, etc. In the industrial field, the concept of "full life cycle service" has been accepted by more and more customers worldwide. Its special significance lies in that through "full life cycle service", the value created by products for users will not be reduced with the passage of time, but will increase in value due to product optimization. However, in the field of diesel engines, "full life cycle service" is still a "fresh product" -- few enterprises know about it, and even less do it. Most enterprises still provide services within the "three guarantee period", and the stage where products are most prone to problems or failures is often outside the "three guarantee period". In view of this, Weichai hopes to start the "full life cycle service" to provide humanistic care to users, so that users can get better services with less money

as the largest power provider in the whole series and all fields of China's engine industry, in the face of the homogenization of domestic manufacturing products, the declining profit margin and the increasing external competitive environment, Weichai Power is soberly aware that if it only focuses on the manufacturing link, it will sooner or later become a "wage earner" of the world brand. It must take the initiative to create and play the competitiveness of the marketing model and improve the customer's product experience, Maintain differentiated competitive advantage with brand appeal and channel strength

in the industry, Weichai put forward the concept of "service industrialization" as early as 2002, leading the industry to realize the transformation from "selling products" to "selling services", and the after-sales service management based on the information system. While effectively integrating many after-sales service points, Weichai has created a service brand marked by "serving Shinkansen", that is, taking "customer satisfaction is our purpose" as the service concept, adhering to the service commitment of "speaking, doing, and being more considerate", and making every effort to provide users with "four specialized" services of specialized networks, professional accessories, professionals, and special engine oil. At present, Weichai's existing post market business has covered five major sectors: service, spare parts, oil products, remanufacture and exclusive technical products, and has established 3800 maintenance service stations, proposing innovative "5p" service projects - exclusive services, exclusive accessories, special engine oil The friction caused by improper adjustment of hydraulic rib support belongs to equipment and professional remanufacture.

at present, Weichai has more than 3million engines in the market, growing rapidly at the rate of 600000 each year, and has been the first in the production and sales of high-speed and high-power engines in the world for seven consecutive years. The "Weichai Power million km User Club" The establishment of Weichai is Weichai's new attempt in the post market

at the 2012 Weichai business conference, Weichai put forward the post market sales target of 5.8 billion yuan in 2012, and will implement unified management on the post market to achieve unified brand, unified channel and unified policy; Determined the post market strategy: Strategic win-win, channel development, shared development; Put forward the core concept of Post Market: let users save money, let channels make money, take improving user satisfaction as the main line, take improving the timeliness and effectiveness of services as the entry point, adjust policies and management modes, drive the outside with the protection of the inside, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of oil spare parts and remanufacture, and create value for channels and users to the greatest extent, Focus on creating a "full life cycle" of engines and a post market service platform with unique Weichai characteristics

at the 2012 business conference, Weichai officially announced the launch of the million kilometer customer reward program, which will take one year to carry out a series of activities for terminals, such as "looking for million kilometer users", "car case promotion", "Weichai product promotion"; For customers who use Weichai engines for more than one million kilometers, it announced the establishment of the "Weichai Power million kilometers User Club", launched the "Weichai Power million kilometers customer incentive plan", and formulated special service policies to provide users with full life cycle services


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