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Evaluation: cube i7 handwritten WiFi 64gb10.6-inch electromagnetic screen core m win10 feeling

cube i7 handwritten WiFi 64gb10.6-inch electromagnetic screen core mwin10 tablet computer

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use for a month feeling: buy books and paintings, before buying psychological preparation = =, so I feel it is very good to use. After using it for more than ten days, I can conclude that the most obvious thing to use when charging is the one that burns the thigh. There is almost no heat in ordinary reading, the small memory software is slightly hot, the video is medium hot, and the international cooperation in the field of game equipment continues to deepen, which has not been used. In terms of power consumption, reading for 8 hours without pressure, ordinary software 6 and the hammer we just evaluated a short time ago, and watching video for about 4 hours. In terms of performance, it's still very smooth to use. There are often some small bugs, but it doesn't affect, In short, good comments ~

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Shenzhen ouduolifang Technology Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: strong current control electromechanical Name: Shenzhen ouduolifang Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Name: tablet computer

3C product model: see the annex (without power adapter and wire components during sales)

Product Name: Kubi Rubik's cube i7 handwritten version

number of cores: dual core four thread

brand: Kubi Rubik's cube

model: i7 handwritten version

screen size: 10.6 inches

storage capacity: 64gb128gb

operating system: windows10

touch screen type: electromagnetic screen

memory capacity: 4GB

manufacturer: Intel

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