Add electronic ID card to the hottest beef product

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Beef products are equipped with "electronic ID card"

at the global electronic code (EPC) Management Committee of some domestic manufacturers and scientific research institutions, which closed yesterday, relevant people from the China article coding center and its Beijing Branch revealed that the city has recently begun to use commodity bar codes to trace the pilot work of food safety with a stress of 900 (1) 000mpa, At present, a large halal enterprise has been selected to install an "electronic ID card" (commodity bar code) that covers almost all production information for its beef products. It is understood that this pilot work covers the work of experimental machine manufacturers, which is to provide highly rigid equipment control; Users with higher demand applied other software to dispose of beef products in 80% of the nutritious meals of 300000 middle school students in the city in the later stage

according to the introduction, "beef products and traceability automatic technology application identification system" uses commodity bar code technology to effectively identify the information of the whole process of food processing, production, transportation and so on. According to the introduction of the pilot enterprise, each cow from being slaughtered to the segmentation of meat products needs to go through more than ten processes, such as peeling, acid removal, segmentation and so on. Each process must be coded in detail, especially when small packages such as eye meat, upper brain, beef brisket, fat cattle and so on are separated, The corresponding bar code should be pasted to clearly record the slaughtering information, breeding information and processing information of the beef, so as to realize the whole process traceability of the beef

according to the person in charge of the China article coding center, on the basis of realizing the beef bar code, the city will also promote the bar code traceability of vegetables, and promote the electronic code (EPC) technology, which is more convenient for supermarket checkout, that is, the commodity statistics will be automatically completed as long as customers push their carts, rather than counting the prices one by one

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