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Evaluation of TCL big 2 impression Roman cylindrical cabinet air conditioner kfrd

this TCL big 2 impression Roman cylindrical cabinet air conditioner kfrd-51lw/rx11bpa started from a certain East. It has been used for a period of time. Share your views on its use: the air conditioner has good refrigeration effect, strong wind power, low noise, outdoor unit is very quiet, the effect is very good, and the price is also very friendly to the people. TCL, China's ace, is a trustworthy product for ordinary people

tcl big two impression Roman air conditioner quotation comments:

II. TCL impression Roman air conditioner kfrd-51lw/rx11bpa price quotation:

the current quotation of this air conditioner in e-commerce is ¥ 7899.00. At present, there are promotional activities in Friends in need may wish to refer to's quotation for this air conditioner activity.

III TCL impression Rome air conditioner kfrd-51lw/rx11bpa specification parameters:

Product Name: tclkfrd-51lw/rx11bpa

IV. TCL impression Rome air conditioner kfrd-51lw/rx11bpa other user comments:

1. The installer pays very awesome, because the external machine is large and the floor is high, the original external machine fence is small, so he tries to install the external machine by every means. The machine is very fashionable. It is beautiful to install in the living room. The heating block is good and the running sound is low. Very satisfied

2. The product is tall, and the external machine is also particularly large. The refrigeration and heating effect is very good and fast, and the noise is not big. Unfortunately, the workmanship needs to be improved. It is found that the gap is too large for everyone's reference: the material is too low

3. The price of the air conditioner itself is low, and the workmanship is medium-grade. From a distance, the safety belt used in the power industry is a good personal protective equipment that is placed higher than the operator to fall or hang the operator safely after falling. 2. The problem of the experimental journey is that the gap is large, the sound of thermal expansion and contraction is acceptable, and the stronger the details, the stronger the cold air, the shorter the service life, and on the whole, it is economical and affordable

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