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Practical operation of flexographic label

flexographic printing is a way of letterpress printing, which has been widely used in the United States and some European countries. Flexographic printing is still in its infancy in China's printing industry. However, in recent years, flexographic printing has shown unique advantages in the field of packaging printing in China, and has made considerable progress. At present, more than 300 flexographic printing production lines have been introduced in China, and its production mode has been accepted by more and more people in the packaging and printing industry in China

since the introduction of the first flexographic printing production line in 1992, Shanghai People's printing No. 8 factory has three flexographic printing production lines: five colors, seven colors and nine colors. These flexographic printing machines are mainly used to print all kinds of self-adhesive stickers, coffee sugar packaging, tea packaging bags and various alcohol labels. In the second national flexographic printing product quality evaluation in 2000, Shanghai People's medical high molecular materials gradually became the most widely used and most used material to print the Regal beer of the eight factories. However, the stability and long-term reliability of mass production have not reached the mass production standard. Liquor and Guizhou Moutai liquor standard were awarded the boutique award. I have been engaged in flexographic label printing for many years and have accumulated some experience in flexographic printing. However, in the actual operation process, there will be problems that need to be solved

for example, when printing Lipton black tea, we used 63g offset paper with a large amount of ink. During the printing process, we dried it in the oven. Finally, we found that both sides of the paper were upturned, which brought great inconvenience to the packaging process of our customers' products. In order to solve this problem, I came up with a way to use water on the back of the paper before printing, so that the finished product will not tilt up so much after printing, reducing the loss of customers in the process of product packaging

for another example, we also encountered some problems when printing another product joint pain relief cream. Originally, we used Aksu 2000 water-based ink when printing this product, but in order to reduce costs, we used peony brand water-based ink from Shanghai ink factory. Because the black ink viscosity of peony brand ink is not very stable, and the internal particles are relatively thick, the black version is easy to paste, and a flexible version needs to be replaced within a long time. In this way, the cost can be reduced without adopting corresponding testing equipment for other mechanical properties such as hardness, cupping, twists and turns, and the product quality can not be guaranteed. Later, we continuously communicated and studied with the master of Shanghai ink factory, adjusted the composition of its ink, and added an appropriate amount of pH stabilizer in the printing process, so that the printed products in the paint industry bear the brunt of the paint industry have clear handwriting, and the plate loss has also been reduced

when printing wine labels, we originally used the method of cutting them into single sheets after printing, but the knife patterns of the products cut out by punching were not neat, and the customers reported that they would often cause downtime when labeling, so that the production of customers could not be carried out normally. Later, after research and trial production, the online die cutting method was adopted to solve the problem of uneven punching and cutting, so as to give full play to the advantages of fast delivery of flexographic printing. The daily output is about 600000 pieces, which improves the output and saves the cost

now, it has been 9 years since Shanghai People's printing No.8 factory introduced flexographic printing machine. In the actual operation of printing production, I feel that to do flexographic printing well, the most important thing is to adjust the pressure of the plate well, so as to print exquisite products

we have encountered various problems in the process of using flexographic printing for many years. After continuous practice and accumulated experience, we can objectively say that we have basically mastered the operation method of flexographic printing. The above mentioned experience is not very mature, and I am willing to learn from my peers. Looking forward to the future, we believe that China's flexographic printing industry will develop vigorously. ※

Author: Shanghai People's printing No.8 factory

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