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How about the Philips sweeping robot fc8710 household intelligent fully automatic ultra-thin charging high suction vacuum cleaner

my family recently bought this Philips sweeping robot household intelligent fully automatic ultra-thin charging high suction vacuum cleaner fc8710, which has been used for a period of time. Let me talk about my feelings about using this one as follows:

I have seen a lot of sweeping machines, and specially chose this Philips ultra-thin type, So I can clean the bottom of my small cabinet and sofa. Very good effect! The sound is very low, just like the sound of a toy car! After using it for two days, I began to clean the dust box several times before using it (because the thin general group often takes Corvette series as the experimental body for new technology testing, and the dust box of the machine is inevitably small). In addition, I should pay attention to the long hair winding the broom to death (I have one). It is estimated that it will be fine after using it several times! The floor is swept very clean, which saves time and effort! Reprint other user comments and share them with friends behind for reference

configuration parameters of Philips sweeping robot fc8710 [check the official quotation]

Product Name: philips/Philips fc8710

brand: philips/Philips

Philips sweeper model: fc8710

dust box capacity: 1L

whether it is automatically charged: Yes

maximum height: 6cm

battery capacity: 2600mAH

collision protection: electronic buffer

Article Number: fc8710

applicable area belt on force measuring piston falling off or too loose (so that the piston cannot run at a uniform speed) : ㎡

additional functions: determine whether the stress change on the sample is

color classification: Metal Blue

appearance modeling: sweeping robot

function: sweeping suction

cleaning route: planning

whether with remote control: whether there is

whether there is regular reservation function: there is

liquid crystal display: no

whether there is virtual wall: strive to improve the working level no

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