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Evaluate Qinyuan water purifier household direct drinking water filter RO reverse osmosis bucket free/can free water purifier 403a, OK?

Qinyuan is committed to providing solutions for various medical device products used in hospitals, doctors, dentistry and household fields. Water purifier household direct drinking water filter ro bucket free/can free water purifier 403a, as follows, collect the latest comments of friends who use this water purifier, and share them with friends who need reference and comparison

I. how about Qinyuan water purifier RO reverse osmosis bucket free/tank free water purifier 403a, is it easy to use

try it for a month:

(1) very good water purifier, big brand, affordable. It's very convenient to use. It's already used in red. As long as it's called, someone will come to the door to change the filter. It's very convenient

(2) it's a professional water purifier. My mother is very satisfied, the after-sales service is also very good, and the communication is very timely. I saw a lot of brands when I chose it, and finally chose Qinyuan. The working frequency is/At 0, I felt that I should be more professional. It must be better to have old people and children at home, which saves space. I was very satisfied and looked forward to the effect after use

(3) a good water purifier was always entangled in the advantages of the torsion test machine of the Shi piezoelectric load sensor. Mies and Qinyuan water purifier finally chose Qinyuan. I also thanked my choice at that time and recommended it to my good friend. I bought it together and then both got into the dishwasher. I'm very happy

after trying it out for a period of time:

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II Qinyuan water purifier RO reverse osmosis bucket free/can free water purifier 403a configuration parameters:

Product Name: Qinyuan qr-rl-403a (s)

warranty period: 12 months

water purifier brand: Qinyuan

improper use of materials No.: qr-rl-403a (s)

classification: water purifier

intelligent type: does not support intelligence

approval document for water related documents No.: zhewaishui Zi (2016) No. 0338

manufacturer: Zhejiang Qinyuan Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.

Product number:

Color Classification: white

rated water output: 60l/h

working principle: reverse osmosis

filter element: RO membrane

use position: other

efficacy: direct drinking

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