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Evaluation introduction laser projector nut U1 and millet 4K which is good? What's the difference

laser projector nut U1 and Xiaomi 4K are two popular models in the market, and their differences are not big. The configuration, quality and image quality are also similar. The main reason is that the appearance and style are a little different. You can choose according to your own preference. My home starts with laser projector nut U1, which has a really good effect, which is much clearer than that in previous years. The price is also relatively friendly to the people, and the cost performance is very high, It's really suitable for family use. Children like it very much. It's really one thing at most. The sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is also very good

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laser projector nut U1

laser projector Xiaomi 4K

II. Laser projector nut U1 and Xiaomi 4K quotation and comment comparison:

1 Laser projector nut U1

reference price: it is the eighth city in China with an annual output of more than 100 cars ¥ 9099.00 (check activity quotation)

user comments: the effect is really surprising, the cost performance is very high, it is convenient to use in the bedroom, it is more comfortable to watch dramas than iPad, the machine is not big, and the sound effect is surprisingly good. The effect of turning on the light in the bedroom is very good. It is recommended that it really needs a shelf to be convenient, A pile of boxes are placed on the table

2. Laser projector Xiaomi 4k

reference price: ¥ 9499.00 (check JD event quotation)

user comments: very good, better than expected. With various programs, the world's first marine plastic cleaning machine will be used to try to deal with debris in the Pacific Garbage belt. Computers can be connected. Computers need to buy another high-definition cable and throw it on the screen directly. The static tension of the image quality experiment is good, and the projection screen is large enough. At home, it is the same as going to the cinema to vigorously promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises. Originally, I didn't want to buy Xiaomi because the price was a little expensive. I bought it for the double 11. I didn't expect it to work better than I thought. I hope it will be durable. You can see the effect of my computer

III. summary:

laser projector nut U1 and Xiaomi 4K have little difference in general. The functions and configurations are the same, but the appearance and style are different. You can choose according to your own needs

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