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Adaptability transformation of the metering system of bag tea packaging machine (Part 2)

3 transformation scheme and technical points of the blanking metering system of the tea bag machine

the structure of the improved blanking metering device is shown in Figure 2

⑴. A mixing device (No. 7) is added to the hopper (No. 6) to improve the fluidity of materials

Figure 2 structure diagram of the improved blanking metering device

1- blanking nozzle 2 - vibrating material sleeve 3 - seat 4 - pillar 5 - material receiving sleeve 6 - hopper 7 - agitator 8 - shell 9 - metering cannot be extinguished with water in dangerous chemical fires knob 10 - adjusting sleeve 11 - metering rotor 12 - dust ring 13 - movable hopper 14 - vibrating pin 15 - valve 16 - paddle 17 - spring 18 - locking screw

⑵ Increase the aperture of the blanking nozzle (No. 1), and change the overall processing scheme of the blanking nozzle to the combined processing scheme, so that the transition part of the blanking nozzle cavity can be designed into a smooth surface convenient for material flow

⑶. Add scraping and buffer devices (No. 16 and 17 in Figure 2) to solve the problem of surface sticking of metering rotor (No. 11)

⑷. Improve the design of the specific structure of the blanking channel, such as the material receiving sleeve (No. 5) added in Figure 2, which eliminates the phenomenon of material accumulation on the steps at "a" and "B" in Figure 1 during the blanking process (the upper end face of the material receiving sleeve is tangent to the lower circumferential surface of the metering rotor); Add the tightening screw (No. 18) to prevent the adapter sleeve (No. 10crpusa uses sls3d printing technology and windform material to print out 10 parts that are tough, strong and light) from moving during the working process of the equipment, so as to ensure the accuracy of equipment measurement; The vibrating pin (No. 14) and other parts are added to the feeding nozzle (No. 1) to make the movable hopper (No. 13) and the vibrating material sleeve (No. 2) vibrate up and down quickly in the working process of the metering and packaging system. Its working principle is that the up and down reciprocating movement of the valve (No. 15) pushes the vibrating pin to drive the movable hopper and the vibrating material sleeve to vibrate up and down quickly. Due to the vibration of the movable hopper and the vibrating material sleeve, the flow of materials in the whole blanking channel can be promoted, and the occurrence of "sticking" on the surface of parts such as the blanking nozzle can be avoided or reduced

⑸. In order to facilitate the regular inspection and maintenance of parts such as the movable hopper and metering rotor in the blanking channel, a quick disassembly and installation device is added to the structural design of the blanking channel (see Figure 3). Usage: rotate the dust ring (No. 2) so that its semicircular notch is directly supported (No. 1) to move the dust ring up and down. Remove the dust ring and you can easily see the relevant situation from the observation port shown in Figure 3.2, so as to facilitate inspection during the operation of the equipment

Figure 3.1 schematic diagram of quick installation structure

Figure 3.2 schematic diagram of quick disassembly structure

1-pillar 2-dust ring 3-screw 4-movable hopper

4 transformation effect of tea bag machine blanking metering system

because the transformation design is based on actual production conditions, the modified blanking metering system is very suitable for the existing production conditions of users and has achieved very good transformation effect. It completely solves the problem of "material accumulation" in the packaging and metering process of the equipment at the user's place, significantly improves the situation of "material sticking", ensures the accuracy of equipment metering, and meets the needs of users

5 conclusion

the transformation of the cutting metering system of the tea bag machine is completed after a full demonstration in terms of transformation cost and structural optimization based on the original work flow and structure of the equipment according to the production conditions of the user. Through the research on the use condition of the equipment at the user's place and the characteristics of the packaged materials, after many thorough tests, the design intention of "closed" blanking channel and vibration blanking, rapid disassembly and installation was introduced when formulating the transformation plan, which made the transformation work a final success. Among them, parts such as the receiving sleeve matched with the metering rotor, the movable hopper and the vibrating nozzle that promote the blanking play a key role in the improved design

the research on the subject of "adaptive transformation of the metering system of bag tea packaging machine" has practical significance for improving the stability and reliability of materials with poor fluidity in the process of filling, metering, blanking and other packaging metering, and improving the metering accuracy within the warranty period. It fully broadens the adaptability of the company's existing series of tea packaging machine's blanking metering system to different materials, with a package of 150 rolls, It meets the needs of the market

Author: Pang Zhao

source: packaging and food machinery

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