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Evaluation: midea/Midea wqc50b12 electric pressure cooker 6

midea/Midea wqc50b12 electric pressure cooker 5L liter intelligent double bile intelligent pressure cooker

features open cover boiling one pot stewing Baiwei intelligent security lock. For details about this midea/Midea wqc50b12 electric pressure cooker, please refer to the following user evaluation comments, and hope to give the following friends the choice of this reference

experience of using it for a month: after trying it out for a period of time, I have to say that the pressure cooker is first-class in terms of shape, material and use experience. For me, my favorite thing is that it can be cooked with the lid open, because I am a special fan of hot pot. I was going to buy a household hot pot, but later I found that this pressure cooker can be opened to cook things. It is really great to develop and use new green Environmentally friendly energy and frugal use of energy are the only way to achieve healthy economic development and energy recycling. I tried it with my little sister on the weekend. It's so easy to use! The effect is exactly the same as that of small hot pot! And it is particularly easy to clean. The lid of the pot can be removed. Don't worry that the corners can't be cleaned. It can be operated automatically. It's designed without the edge of the pot. It has no dead corners and can be wiped easily

evaluation after 2 months of use:

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configuration parameters of midea/Midea wqc50b12 electric pressure cooker

Product Name: midea/Midea wqc50b12

brand: midea/Midea

model: wqc50b12

Color Classification: gaoguihong

control mode: microcomputer type

pressure cooker function: stewing press the butt fastener and base to stop sliding and damage at the fixed time of stewing Change the detection force of the mechanical properties of the rigidity, tensile strength and compression resistance. The specification of the pot mouth: 21cm (included) -25cm (included). This is an economic solution that can reduce the component cost by up to 40%

after sales service: national joint insurance

water free stew function: not supported

applicable number: 4-8 people

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