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Evaluation start: Jingtian Huasheng i5/gtx1050 desktop computer unique game console experience

initial use experience: playing games is as fast as playing, not to mention the effect. For us office workers, we can have such a good configuration to play games. Running points for 16W is very powerful, and playing everything is much smoother than other systems. I really like to give you additional praise, In the future, I will come back and choose enough

to use for a few months. Evaluation:

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product parameters:

CPU frequency: 3.0GHz and above

CPU model: 7500

CPU core number: four cores

CPU type: intel/Intel Core i5

motherboard brand: asus/ASUS

motherboard structure: m-atx


memory brand: tigo/jintaike

memory type: its performance is better It has a great impact on the overall impact resistance of composite materials DDR4

memory frequency: 2133mhz

brand: Jingtian Huasheng

heat dissipation method: air cooling

heat dissipation equipment brand: Jingtian Huasheng

graphics card brand: colorful/seven rainbow

video memory bit width: 128bit

video memory type: gddr5

chassis brand: segotep/Xin and keep enough time Valley

.Chassis structure: atx

power supply 80 plus certification: no support Hold

power brand: environmental experiment segotep/Xingu

hard disk brand: the quality of electronic universal tensile machine determines 1-CUT colorful/seven rainbow

hard disk type: solid state disk

configuration type: crazy game type

motherboard chipset type: Intel B250

memory capacity: 8GB

graphics card type: independent graphics card

independent graphics card model: other/other

graphics memory capacity: 4GB

hard disk capacity: 256gb 120GB 2TB

optical drive type: no optical drive

power supply: 300W

graphics card series: GTX 1050ti

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