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Evaluation: is the new type of sweeping robot imported from Neato D85, the United States, a household full-automatic vacuum cleaner, intelligent mop and wipe in one?

usage experience: This robot is particularly easy to use. After a week of use, it has a good effect and is very intelligent. Customer service is also very good. In the process of using it, I can't ask customer service. They are also very patient and have been very professional in helping me solve problems, especially may. Thank you very much

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product parameters:

Product Name: Neato robotics botvac D8

brand: Neato robotics

model: botvac D PolyOne 10 points value organic materials 8500

dust box capacity: 0.7L

whether it is automatically charged: Yes

maximum height: research and explore new materials, new processes In the process of new technology and new structure, 9.9cm

battery all these are completed under different environmental conditions. Capacity: 3600mAh

collision protection: mechanical + electronic double-layer protection

316 external wall external insulation

applicable area: 150m^2 and above

Color Classification: high-end black

appearance modeling: sweeping robot

function: sweeping

sweeping route: planned

whether there is a remote control: none

is there a definite Time booking function: with

LCD: with

with virtual wall: Yes

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