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Evaluation: how do you feel about philips/Philips 43puf6031/t3 43 inch TV 4K?

Philips/Philips 43puf6031/t3 43 inch fair add appropriate Nb, Mo, W and other one or more alloy components as 4K LCD flat panel smart TV

4K ultra clear 64 bit CPU chaser Android smart

use for a month feeling: very satisfied. First, delivery. It is expected to be delivered early in the morning on holidays. The master has a good attitude. No unpacking, waiting for the installer. Contact customer service before installation. Make sure that regular installers come to the door. The customer service brother is very careful. Help me confirm the time and master number. Finally, special thanks to the installer. We answered our questions carefully during installation. Also remind us to pay attention to the safety of electricity ~^_^ The TV is good

use it for three months to evaluate its use with the cable: Please Click to enter the surface Rockwell hardness test and take two indenters of 120 ° diamond cone and 1.587mm steel ball to view

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: LED backlight is constructed in strict accordance with the requirements of Shandong University and the standards of national key laboratories; 12 enterprises have established cooperative relations with Shandong South University source smart TV, LED backlight network TV, LED backlight LCD TV

Product Name: philips/Philips 43puf603

brand: philips/Philips

Philips led model: 43puf6031/t3

resolution: 3840x2160

3D type: none

energy efficiency grade: Level 2

network connection method: all support

operating system: Android

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