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What is the difference between ASUS Raptor 2070super o8g and a8g? Which performance is better

the main difference between ASUS 2070super o8g and a8g is that the core display frequency is different. A8g and o8g are overclocked and none of them are overclocked. If you overclock yourself, you can get a better version. The price difference is hundreds of yuan. If you buy the expensive one, those hundreds of yuan will be IQ tax. ASUS 2070super a8g toaster for one hour, the temperature is not more than 70 degrees, it can be said that it is very fragrant! Appearance: Rog belief blessing performance is improved by 100%. The score is tested under the "promotion" of different light sources: recognition frequency Master Lu 320000! Once lit, the 2 "mosfang material CEO he shengka saddle was placed on the side of the force rope. Xiaoning said that the 070s is enough for daily use. In addition, although this card is large and heavy, its internal structure is very solid, and there will be no problem without a graphics card support

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first, see what friends say:

1. The performance is not much worse. Twins, one is a little smarter than the other.

2. Psychologically, it's so much worse. In fact, it's almost the same. The heat dissipation and overclocking ability of A8 frequency has shrunk a little. Look at your wallet. Anyway, I bought o8g

3. Yes, there is no difference between the 2070s and the 2070s. No matter what model the 2070s is or what brand the 2070s is, it will not work unless the 2070s is full of high calorific value. The real difference is between the 2070 and 2080 or 2060. These are the real differences. Of course, there is another kind of 2060, not only the calcium version, but also the castration version. The calcium version just occasionally adopts precision CNC engraving to deal with polycarbonate touching women, The castrated version is not of that level and cannot be touched

II. ASUS Raptor 2070super a8g activity price: seckill: ¥ 4499.00 latest activity quotation link:

III. ASUS Raptor 2070super o8g and a8g other user comments:

1. Packaging protection: it's just the packaging of the graphics card, but during the delivery process, the express brother is very careful and doesn't hurt any corner of the graphics card.

2. Game effect: mainly play lol Diablo III, with special effects fully open.The, No pressure

3. Scoring test: Master Lu 290000 plus

4. Heat dissipation performance: good heat dissipation performance, and the operating temperature is about 50 degrees

5. Appearance: the first feeling of the graphics card is that it is big, very big, very heavy, much heavier than the original 960, which is worthy of being a loser

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