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The high temperature caused the glass to burst suddenly, and the city still needs to strengthen supervision.

at about 9:00 a.m. on July 5, the external glass curtain wall on the 7th floor of a sightseeing elevator in Nanning Yufeng commercial building suddenly burst, and the glass debris scattered from the 7th floor of the mall onto the sidewalk; A few days later, a piece of glass in the business hall of a bank on Taoyuan road also burst. After the burst, the glass fragments were connected together without any adverse consequences. It is understood that the burst glass is tempered glass

in less than 10 days, there were two consecutive bursts of tempered glass hanging on the external wall. Why did the tempered glass burst? Who should compensate for the injury to persons or property caused by the burst? Yesterday, it was learned from the investigation that a large number of tempered glass used as glass curtain walls will self explode in case of high temperature and other adverse conditions, but there is no department supervision at present, and there is no legal basis for who will pay for the glass burst


the high temperature caused the glass to burst suddenly

recently, one of the glass in the Taoyuan Road business point of Industrial Bank burst, and the glass fragments were connected to form a spider shape. At about 11 a.m. yesterday, I saw that curtains were hung on the glass walls of the business hall, but one glass wall was not hung. The hot sun shone into the business hall from this glass, which was particularly dazzling

"'bang ', I went over and saw that the glass had broken. Fortunately, it was tempered glass, and the fragments were connected together, without any adverse effect." The security guard at the Taoyuan Road business office of the Industrial Bank said that the burst glass was in the position where the curtain was not hung, which occurred two weeks ago. After the incident, the bank immediately contacted the glass manufacturer to replace it, but the curtain had not been hung

the burst of tempered glass of industrial bank did not cause any adverse impact on the better market position of Durethan, pocan and tepex high-performance plastic brands. However, on the morning of July 5, the external glass curtain wall on the 7th floor of a sightseeing elevator in Nanning Yufeng commercial Jinan Shijin reciprocating tension and compression testing machine building suddenly burst, and glass debris immediately scattered on the sidewalk from the 7th floor of the commercial building. After the glass burst, an elevator stopped automatically, and two female passengers were trapped in the elevator. Miss Zhang, who was shopping at the scene of the incident, said that the glass fragments fell in front of her and fell on her one step further. She is still afraid to think about it

why did the tempered glass burst continuously in less than 10 days? Some glass manufacturers believe that this is related to high temperature weather. Now it is midsummer. Air conditioners are generally used in rooms, and the indoor temperature is no more than 26 ℃. The outdoor glass door, glass window and glass outer wall are directly exposed to the sun for a long time, and the temperature can reach 34 ℃, forming a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, which is easy to cause glass expansion and burst. Robots that can weave carbon fiber materials as space components have a low probability of glass bursting. It is understood that since 1983, China first adopted glass curtain walls in the Great Wall Hotel Project in Beijing, by the end of 2005, various glass curtain wall buildings had reached 150million square meters, accounting for more than 50% of the global total, becoming the world's leading country in the production and use of glass curtain walls. At present, many high-rise buildings and residential quarters in Nanning use tempered glass as doors, windows and curtain walls

tempered glass has the advantages of wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance, safety and penetration resistance. It has anti-theft, bullet proof and explosion-proof functions. It is called "safety glass" and is widely used in urban beautification construction. Many windows, doors and curtain walls of high-rise buildings are equipped with glass

while beautifying the city, the hidden dangers are gradually exposed with the growth of service life. In addition to light pollution, the self explosion and falling off of glass curtain walls have become potential safety hazards in the city. At present, the self explosion rate of tempered glass allowed by the state is 3 ‰

"the quality and strength of building glass are guaranteed, but the seismic resistance and deformation resistance of glass are insufficient. Once encountering typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, hail, sudden changes in temperature difference, they may burst, which may hurt people and property." A retiree in Nanning who has been engaged in urban construction management for a long time but did not want to be named said that glass curtain walls have been used in Nanning since the mid and late 1990s, initially in commercial buildings, and then gradually extended to ordinary residential buildings. There must be hidden dangers of sudden glass burst to a certain extent, but the probability of occurrence is not high


glass composition expands and contracts with heat, causing self explosion

a technical staff member of Nanning glass factory, who asked not to be named, said that tempered glass contains a component called nickel sulfide. In the case of thermal expansion and contraction, small nickel sulfide particles will become larger and smaller, which is inconsistent with the size of glass deformation. This situation may lead to severe changes in the internal stress of the glass, resulting in self explosion

he said that the raw material for the production of tempered glass is quartz sand ore, and nickel sulfide exists in the quartz sand ore. although the glass manufacturers will try to remove nickel sulfide during the production process, the nickel sulfide cannot be completely removed with the current domestic technology, so self explosion is a defect of tempered glass. The self explosion probability specified by the industry is 3 ‰. He said that the reason why tempered glass is called safety glass is that the broken tempered glass has no acute angle. Even so, there is a saying in the industry that after the curtain wall of a high-rise building bursts, the glass particles scattered in the air are as lethal as bullets

it is understood that the safety supervision department and the housing management department are not the supervision departments of the glass curtain wall, while the supervision of the Construction Committee on the glass curtain wall is only limited to the construction and installation, and the existing glass curtain wall should be managed and maintained by the owner or user

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