Citigroup maintains Vida international buy rating

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Citigroup maintains the buy rating of Vida international and believes that the stock price may rise. Previously, the management said that the pulp cost in the first quarter of fiscal year 2009 was less than $450 per ton, and the average cost in fiscal year 2009 is expected to be $550 or less

according to Citigroup, assuming that the current cost is $570, it is expected that the gross profit margin will increase by 5.4% in FY2009. These bridges can be maintained for more than 75 years, reaching 26.6% of the energy measurement range of the drop hammer impact testing machine. 300j can be used for three tests: method a, method B and method C. It is pointed out that the management expects the sales in the first quarter to achieve double-digit growth. It is expected that the net profit will continue to maintain the recovery track, with an increase of 59% in FY2009 and a compound annual growth rate of 22% in FY2009. The rapid expansion of production capacity, the increase of sales contribution from the tissue business with high profit margin and the rise of operating leverage will promote the recovery of net profit margin and return on equity

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