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The output impact that the plastic processing equipment industry needs to face up to

with the continuous growth of market demand and the gradual maturity of the daily raw materials of processing technology, including PP, ABS, PC and other synthetic resins, the recycling of plastics has become popular in the growing call for environmental protection. In addition, its value has been highlighted, which is called the last piece of cake in China's plastic field by insiders. In sharp contrast to the frenzy of the demand market, China's cumulative production of plastic processing equipment in 2013 was only 96100 tons, a year-on-year decline of 9.3 percentage points; Among them, 23800 tons of plastic processing equipment were produced in May, a year-on-year decrease of 9.6%

as for the regional market of some plastic processing equipment, except that Henan, Anhui and Guangdong provinces that can also manually intervene in the analysis process have achieved cumulative growth of different ranges, the cumulative year-on-year growth of other provinces (cities) has declined in different ranges, especially in Shanghai

based on this situation, many business people will be confused. The plastic processing consumer market under the stimulation of various parties has shown an urgent demand for products, but why is the product output in most domestic markets still showing a downward trend

the analysis points out that although the target consumer market in the continuous evolution needs to be filled, it also puts forward new requirements for the required plastic processing equipment in the process of improving the economic level and technical level. For example, under the economic theme of energy conservation and environmental protection, the equipment with the advantages of low energy consumption, low pollution and high efficiency is more favored by users than the tensile testing machine with smaller power. In short, at this stage when the diversification characteristics are becoming increasingly prominent, the output can only indicate the extent to which the industry is affected by the internal and external environment of the market in a corresponding period, or reflect the development trend of the industry from a certain level

for China's plastic processing equipment, the year-on-year decline of 9.3% is still within the controllable range, which has little impact on the development of the market and industry

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