Dow is about to shut down the freibote TDI unit

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Dow is about to shut down the freibote TDI device a person from Dow said on April 19 that in the next few weeks, the company plans to shut down the toluene diisocyanate (TDI) device in freibote, Texas

Dow said earlier that even if the freibote TDI plant was permanently closed in the second quarter, the company is still a major supplier of TDI and polyurethane products in the world

for this reason, ceramics, including outdoor railings, doors and windows, heat insulation systems, flower sheds, park benches, ceilings and solar screens of tower buildings, are all made of wood plastic composite materials. Cheng has signed a long-term agreement with another large manufacturer to meet users' needs for TDI

the company said that the signing of the agreement is not a joint venture. Dow will operate independently in terms of price, quality and logistics, so the company still has a competitive advantage

Dow did not disclose the name of the co manufacturer, nor did it disclose the capital of the agreement

Dow also said that it is evaluating the issue of increasing the new capacity of TDI, and will soon start to do a feasibility study. The company plans to develop alternative measures that can not only improve the competitiveness of the company, but also protect the interests of shareholders, based on the target of 50million tons in 2017 to about 56million tons in 2019

Dow said that it has been engaged in polyurethane business for a long time and wants to maintain a leading position in this industry with large investment

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