Dow introduces new acrylate impact modifier

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Dow launched a new acrylate impact modifier

the plastic additives business department of Dow Chemical Company, the world's leading plastic additives innovation enterprise, today launched a new paraloid tmexl-23 high-performance plastic solution for battery shell 90 acrylate impact modifier. The product is mainly aimed at China's durable goods market, especially in the electronics and transportation industries, and helps to improve the low-temperature impact strength of polycarbonate (PC) blends and their molded products

paralleloid tmexl-2390 impact modifier has typical acrylate core-shell structure, has excellent compatibility in PC Blends and PC alloys (such as pc/abs), and can provide excellent toughness at low temperature and excellent processing stability in a large temperature range. The core of paralleloidtmexl-2390 impact modifier is based on acrylate rather than butadiene rubber. Such chemical composition makes the modifier have good weather resistance and aging stability, which is better than diene rubber

paraloid tmexl-2390 impact modifier has excellent toughening efficiency in polycarbonate and polycarbonate alloy. With only a small amount of addition, polycarbonate and polycarbonate alloy can have excellent impact strength and improve thermal aging performance, benefiting customers. This acrylate technology provides customers with the best cost performance on the premise of satisfying the use effect

in addition, paraloid tmexl-2390 impact modifier is a flowable powder, which is easy to process. It has a wide processing window and is easy to be dispersed without adjusting the processing conditions. Mixing materials can be molded by injection molding or extrusion process

paralottmexl-2390 will be produced at Dow's Jurong Island base in Singapore and mainly supplied to customers in China

about Dow plastic additives business department

as a world-class additive supplier, Dow plastic additives are widely used in packaging, building materials and engineering materials all over the world. In vinyl materials, polyester, polycarbonate, other engineering plastics, alloy modified materials and polylactic acid resin materials, except for several large plastic enterprises and groups with younger facilities, Tao's plastic additives will give the materials more excellent performance. The global production network of Dow plastic additives and its business teams all over the world can quickly respond to the market and provide customers with professional technical services and market-driven solutions

about Dow chemistry

Dow is a diversified chemical company, which uses the power of science and technology to constantly innovate and create a better life for mankind. The company applies the principle of sustainability to chemistry and innovation, and is committed to solving many challenges in today's world, such as meeting the demand for clean water, realizing the production and conservation of renewable energy, and improving crop yield. With its leading businesses in specialty chemistry, high-tech materials, agricultural science and plastics, Dow provides customers in 160 countries and regions with a wide range of products and services, which are applied to the rapidly developing markets such as electronic products, water treatment, energy, coatings and agriculture. In 2011, Dow's annual sales reached US $60billion, with 52000 employees worldwide, 197 factories in 36 countries and more than 5000 products. Unless otherwise specified, "Dow China plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development" or "company" refers to Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries

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