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Shorter falling height, larger packaging specification and more packaging forms

shorten the forming tube and reduce the risk of product damage, especially for a weight of 5kg. Next, we will introduce the improved forming filling sealing machine to seal large bags more firmly and reliably, opening up new market areas

as you may have noticed, in supermarkets recently, pillow type packaging made by vertical molding filling sealing machine has been adopted for both high priced fresh potatoes and ordinary potatoes packed in 2kg and 5kg. You may not think so, because after all, this kind of packaging machine has appeared for decades, and pillow packaging is nothing new. Many foreign companies have been using it to package all kinds of products from potato chips to potatoes. However, the real problem is: Why did the high-efficiency and low-cost vertical forming filling sealing machine really enter the production line of the packaging factory after such a long time? There are two answers: first, until recently, the vertical forming filling sealing machine is still trying hard to package at a specified speed with enough strength to bear the weight of potatoes; Second, the distance between the top of the forming tube of a standard vertical forming filling sealing machine and the sealing clamp is too long, which makes it easy to damage the bottom of the packaging bag when the potatoes fall. Therefore, for many years, the filling equipment in the packaging factory has been using prefabricated bags, plastic pallets and film dispensers to minimize this drop through these packaging forms

nowadays, the latest vertical forming filling sealing technology has broken through these two difficulties. It can make the sealing reach sufficient strength, shorten the falling distance, and handle those humble potatoes and other heavy products more carefully. It is worth mentioning that these new technologies are not limited to a class of manufacturers. Manufacturers in different fields can use it to deal with related packaging problems in different ways, and this new generation of machine is not limited to packaging potatoes, because reducing the drop is conducive to handling the packaging of all bumpy items

vertical forming filling sealing machine solution to reduce the drop

vertical forming filling sealing machine has a high running speed, so enhancing its sealing strength has become a challenge, which is also a problem that all manufacturers are trying to solve. The tg350-rc of Sandiacre company has made a breakthrough in this regard. It uses a conveyor belt to make the plastic film move at a uniform speed, so that the horizontal sealing clamp moving with the plastic film can capture the best sealing time. Under normal circumstances, this machine can produce 50 packages weighing 5 kg per minute. It has a specially designed low drop forming device with a collector, which can load the specified weight at one time. This not only ensures the gentle acquisition of items, but also minimizes the possibility of damage

country crest of lusk, an Irish potato supplier, recently installed a tg350-rc bagging machine. This equipment is fed by the weighing machine provided by NEWTEC company. It can complete the packaging tasks of 15 tons of 2kg, 2.5kg and 5kg per day, and it will no longer use prefabricated bags

The design of tg350-rc bagging machine is proved to be successful. At present, Sandiacre has adopted the same technology, taking the lead in launching the tg450-rc bagging machine with larger volume, and the newly launched tg250-rc bagging machine with continuous braking device has also entered the market. Tg250-rc bagging machine can be applied to fresh-keeping and cold storage products such as carrot, potato and lettuce slices, as well as the packaging of food such as candy and snacks. The equipment can produce 160 bags with a standard diameter of 150 mm per minute

at the same time, hastamat also launched bag packaging equipment that can reduce the falling height of packaging products. This RX 220 device does not need to reduce the speed of the conveyor belt, but uses two sets of complementary sealing clamps driven by the servo to act in turn, that is, grasp, seal and pull down the plastic film. This sealing machine adopts ultrasonic welding, which reduces the sealing table, which is usually up to 400mm, to only 50mm long. Therefore, hastamat company can abandon the conventional forming tube and connect a short ring under the shoulder of the former, so that the ordinary 1000 mm landing height can be reduced to only 350 mm. The advantage of this design is that it reduces the time for the bag to be stretched and inflated, and makes the sealing time more abundant. Each movement of the plastic film clamped by the two groups of sealing pliers wins sufficient residence time for the hot melting of the sealable material and polyethylene to achieve the effect of air tight sealing. For example, for the speed of producing 200 bags per minute, the residence time of each 200 mm long bag is 300 microseconds

hastamat also pointed out that because the motion track of the sealing clamp is a combination of rotation and straight line, the corresponding evaluation value of its 36.79% equity is 495.6 million yuan; Nanfanghuitong has set out an asset evaluation value of 554million yuan. In the time interval between the two actions, the product can be directly stripped off the sealing area without the assistance of other tools. For traditional pillow bags, the conveying of plastic film can be carried out from the front or rear end of the equipment, and for side sealed or vertical bags, the sealing can be carried out from the left or right end. Therefore, for all vertical forming filling sealing machine manufacturers, the key to successfully handling potatoes or other vulnerable products is to reduce the height of the forming tube

solutions for large production machines

in fact, it is not just the vertical forming filling sealing machine that is trying to reduce the falling height. The German manufacturer T2 PA has undoubtedly developed a brand-new high-yield machine by the ckaging company. It is said that this large machine has many characteristics of a small vertical forming filling sealing machine for the first time, including not only shorter forming tubes, but also continuous film discharge and automatic tension control, which makes the production speed faster

this machine also uses horizontal sealing rods, cutters and reinforcing tools independently driven by the servo system. They can move with the plastic film. At the same time, two groups of pressure measuring elements in the sealing driving device can accurately control the pressure of the sealing pliers. For dry products (such as pet food and ingredients), the typical packaging speed is 25 kg, 18 bags/min; 15kg, 4 bags/min; 3 kg, 8 bags/min

however, faster production speed does not mean that it is necessary to speed up the transfer or feeding speed. Toyo machine's solution is to use a multi-channel vertical forming filling sealing machine to increase production, so that online transmission speed does not need to be accelerated. The packaging equipment of Toyo machine company can package powder, granular and liquid. It uses sliding discs on each line or a single servo driven screw for feeding, and a specific feeding system for different products

create solutions with different packaging styles

Bosch packaging has also developed packaging equipment with low drop distance and complementary cross sealing machines. The equipment has fast production speed and high sealing quality, and extends the performance of the vertical forming filling sealing machine to produce more types of packaging bags. For example, the new Bosch SVE 2510dr packaging machine can produce standard pillow bags, square bottom bags and vertical bags. Bioscientists have even predicted that graphene will completely change the production rate of graphene in the 21st century. The fastest production rate can reach 180 standard bags or 100 oval bottom vertical bags per minute. In addition, the shortened forming tube also reduces the product damage to a great extent

shaped bag packaging is now very popular in the market, but the previous vertical forming filling sealing machine has greatly limited the filling of products and the shape of bags. Now, Bosch's SVE 2510ar bag packaging equipment can overcome this obstacle. The equipment can brake continuously and can produce 80 corner sealing self-supporting bags per minute. When a corner is sealed vertically, the printed pattern on the back of the bag will not be affected, and the corner sealing will make the bag more stable. The usual corner sealing function can seal four corners, while sve2510ar only seals three corners when the plastic film moves horizontally. In this way, not only the falling distance is shortened (which is particularly important for those commodities that are afraid of bumping), but also the round shaped pipe can be used to replace the non square shaped pipe, so that the screw has a larger diameter to speed up the feeding

the forming filling sealing equipment not only has the advantages of high speed, complex packaging components and unique packaging styles, but also has a high demand for this kind of machine for standard pillow bags produced at conventional speed

whitefields produce packs thousands of tons of carrots in bags every year. Now it has abandoned prefabricated bags and used Etna hi Tec vertical forming filling sealing machine of Ulma packaging company. This servo driven machine has reached a speed of 80 bags per minute, and its performance has been satisfactory from the beginning. According to the relevant person in charge of whitefields, the machine has shown 100% reliability since it was installed

source: China India media


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