Dow introduces oxygen barrier technology to realiz

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Dow launched the oxygen barrier technology to realize the recycling of single port packaging

Dow launched the latest oxygen barrier recycleready technology with polymer modifier. This technology has made a breakthrough, so that cereal and nut packaging can be recycled, which could not be done in flexible packaging before

for a long time, flexible packaging has brought many conveniences to customers, such as flexibility, portability, resealability, etc., including the innovative type of packaging - single port packaging, which is considered to be the ideal packaging for packaging, but in the traditional sense, it is not recyclable

Stacy fields, North American packaging director of Dow Chemical, pointed out that a recent study of trucost on the environmental costs of plastic consumer goods and plastic packaging showed that if plastic was replaced with other materials with the same function as plastic every year, the cost would increase from $139billion to $533billion. At the same time, 78million tons of plastic waste are produced every year, only 14% of which can be recycled. Therefore, Dow's technology is of far-reaching significance in detecting materials with very large or very small elongation and obtaining accurate experimental results

it is understood that seventh generation, a company dedicated to the sustainable development of 279 textiles, has launched the first batch of packaging products using recycleready technology earlier this year


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