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Dow launched the first relatively high temperature pipe grade resin conforming to ISO standard

the polyolefin and elastomer Business Department of Dow plastics company in the United States recently launched a new HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe grade resin dgda-2490 bk100, which belongs to the highest performance (pressure grade) brand and is the first relatively high temperature pipe grade resin conforming to ISO standard. Dgda-2490 bk100 is the first PE100 grade pipe material in North America. The service life of the pressure pipe approved by the American plastic pipe Association (PPI) is 100 years at 20 ℃, 50 years at 40 ℃ and 11 years at 60 ℃. Therefore, the service performance of the plastic will be reduced; When the relative humidity in the air is less than 50%, this PE100 resin has been listed in the list of plastic materials that can be used at 60 ℃

dgda-2490 bk100 has been licensed by PPI and NSF (American health and Hygiene Association) at the same time. Its performance has exceeded the specification requirements of both ISO standard and ASTM standard for polyethylene pipes. In particular, the growth rate of slow cracking resistance is at least 60 times higher than that in ASTM d2513, the most stringent gas pipe standard, and the service life of extrapolation method under standard working pressure is at least twice as long. The main properties of the resin are as follows: the melt flow rate is 0.8g/10min, the density is 0.95g/cm3, the yield strength is 25.2mpa, the elongation at break is > 740%, the bending modulus is 1050mpa, and the Izod notch impact strength is 486j/m, which slowly changes the volume of the sealing working cavity to achieve the oil absorption and oil pressure rapid cracking growth rate (pen) > 6000h, and the hydrostatic strength (20 ℃ and 12.6mpa) > 100h, Rapid cracking resistance growth rate (PC) > 1.22mpa


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