Shortage of toilet paper caused by COVID-19

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The COVID-19 leads to a shortage of toilet paper? Japanese Paper Association refutes the rumor: false

release date: Source: paper industry internal reference

recently, many equipment using computer skills did not select PCs. the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japanese social networks caused a shortage of toilet paper. This rumor aroused consumers' enthusiasm for hoarding toilet paper. A Japanese paper industry association to strengthen its development momentum is trying to quell this rumor

according to Japan daily, on the evening of February 27, consumers suddenly flocked to a drugstore in Kumamoto Prefecture, southwest Japan to buy toilet paper and tissue. All the goods were sold out within an hour

tomori Nishimura, Assistant Store Manager of yinghuating branch of Xiachuan pharmacy chain, said: "the masks are out of stock, but there is still toilet paper."

many people posted tweets such as "toilet paper will soon be in short supply due to the shortage of disinfectant and masks" and paid for photos of empty shelves in pharmacies. However, some friends commented: "the shortage of toilet paper is a rumor. Please don't be fooled."

Nihon kateishi

kogyokai, headquartered in Tokyo, has 39 Japanese paper manufacturers as its members. The association and other sources said that it was a rumor circulating on social media that "masks and toilet paper are made of the same raw materials, so the increase in the production of masks will lead to a shortage of toilet paper"

the toilet paper commonly used in Japan is made of domestic pulp and other raw materials. In addition, some products are imported from North America. The toilet paper is completely different from the paper used for making masks

in addition, many toilet paper and tissue manufacturers have indicated that they are currently overstocked. A representative of the association said: "no member company has sold out of paper products. Even if the goods on the shelves are temporarily out of stock, they will be replenished soon."


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