Shortage of raw materials is still the biggest dif

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The shortage of raw materials is still the biggest difficulty faced by British printing houses.

with the shortage of supply and the increase of market demand, the shortage of raw materials has become a major problem that continues to affect the British printing industry

the British coating alliance recently warned that the raw materials of this series of testing machines mainly used for various steel strands in the production of printing ink may continue to be in short supply in 2011

tonymash, CEO of the alliance, said: "the supply of printing ink raw materials has become the most concerned issue of all enterprises. At present, no one knows how long this situation will last."

in this way, ink manufacturers will gradually lose control over the cost and supply of raw materials, and then fall into a dilemma of suppliers and customers

in addition, China's control of rosin production and the reduction of pigment violet23 have also restricted the supply of ink raw materials to a certain extent and led to an increase in raw material costs

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