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Dow's high performance coating materials project won the financial award of Sichuan provincial government

the acrylic lotion project of Meishan factory of Dow's coating materials business department recently won the Provincial Industrial Development Fund Award of Sichuan provincial government, totaling 3.19 million yuan

Taoshi Meishan plant is located in Sichuan Chengmei Petrochemical Park, about 50 kilometers away from Chengdu. The construction started in October 2016. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in early 2018. After being put into operation, the annual sales will be about 600million yuan, with an annual output of 60000 tons of acrylic lotion used in the utilization of low-pressure die

Dow's award this time includes two funds: the first amount is 1million yuan, which is allocated by Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce to encourage important foreign investment projects; The second amount, totaling 2.19 million yuan, was allocated by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission to support industrial transformation, upgrading and development

in recent years, most parts of China have been plagued by haze, and improving air quality has become the focus of the Chinese government. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission is one of the main causes of haze weather. In order to effectively promote the prevention and control of air pollution, the new material industry will still have great potential to operate more firmly. The Ministry of environmental protection and Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau have issued a series of relevant plans and policies to encourage the production and use of green environmental protection coating materials. The acrylic lotion project of Dow Meishan factory is highly consistent with the government's priorities and will contribute to the local industrial transformation and upgrading and economic structure adjustment

he Baichuan, vice president of Dow Asia Pacific production and operation, said: "Meishan factory is an important investment project planned by Dow to serve the fast-growing market demand in Western China. As one of the most advanced production bases in the world, Meishan factory will provide customers with innovative products and solutions, and will strictly follow Dow's globally consistent highest industry standards in the field of environment, health and safety. We are deeply honored to be awarded by the Sichuan provincial government this time. We will make full use of it The most advanced technology to support local economic development. "


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