Shortcomings of packaging machine industry

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Deficiencies in the packaging machine industry

looking at the development process of the packaging machine for so many years, it is not difficult to find that there are some obvious deficiencies in China's packaging machine industry, such as higher temperature, which can be summarized as the following points: there are many low-level products with repeated production, and these equipment have small technical difficulty, low cost and fast start. Therefore, many enterprises will choose these equipment as entry-level products to accumulate funds for further development, However, this will inevitably lead to repeated practice of the product, and also lead to the inability to buy it, which will naturally affect the update of the equipment, and ultimately make it difficult to improve the production level

on the one hand, the packaging machine started late in this respect, and the law of the market has not been found out; On the other hand, the strength of science and technology is weak, and the resources of high-tech talents are insufficient

reliability problems are common. Packaging machine manufacturers do not pay much attention to product quality, which is mainly reflected in two directions: one is their own processing parts, some of which are not accurate enough, some of which are poor in material, some of which are not heat treated for the heat treatment, and some of which are not forged for the forging, resulting in great problems in the equipment. This is also the main reason for the backwardness of the enterprise's packaging machine. The packaging product deviation is large, and the scrap rate is high

the protection of products has not been paid attention to. Enterprises take few measures in the safety of packaging machines, such as: most of the protective covers and protective doors are not installed, and some are installed, but they can not implement safety chain, and only play a negative role in protection. Especially for heavy bag packaging, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the safety is very important, so we must pay enough attention to it

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