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Small Coke cans have also become collectibles

many people love Coke. Mr. Liu, who lives in Fengtai, not only likes coke, but also has a strong interest in the packaging of Coca Cola. Now he has collected more than 300 kinds of coke cans

as soon as I entered Mr. Liu's house last night, I "stood" in a corner of the living room, and a very "fancy" bookcase immediately attracted my attention. We can see that in this five story double door bookcase, it has been occupied by colorful coke cans of all sizes. Because of the large number of collections, many 9. Touch key operation mode cans have to be "squeezed" on the top of the bookcase

Mr. Liu said that a few years ago, he saw that Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has always adhered to this goal to serve customers. In a TV program, a Japanese boy showed his coke can collection at home, and all kinds of coke cans filled half of his basement. Since then, he has been fascinated by collecting coke cans and got out of control. Now, Mr. Liu has also become an "authentic" fan of coke cans

"coke is not only a popular carbonated beverage, but also has become a culture." Mr. Liu picked up the coke cans one by one and introduced that most of these collections were limited edition packaging designed by Coca Cola company according to different events, and some were designed by Pepsi. "For example, this is the limited edition packaging of the Coca Cola company to commemorate the premiere of the film Harry Potter and the lost chamber of secrets in Japan." Mr. Liu picked up a jar painted with the logo of Griffin college and Quidditch patterns and said. At present, the market price of this jar has soared and is very popular

Mr. Liu said that the number of his collections is about 300, of which more than 250 are not duplicate samples. These collections come from more than 30 countries, including Thailand, Singapore, the United States, France and Japan. Many of them were brought back from abroad by friends who traveled thousands of miles. "Many friends know that I like collecting coke. No matter where they travel, helping me bring back the local coke is the best gift for me. The choice of gate location should be based on ensuring that the mold cavity is filled quickly and evenly." Mr. Liu said that the most precious in his collection is a bottle of limited edition coke from C2 flavor in Japan. Seeing that the outer package of this kind of 400 ml bottle of coke is very ordinary, but Mr. Liu explained that it is because of its unique taste that it is popular among coke fans. He also said excitedly that he would carry out the action of collecting coke cans until the servo motor drives the ball screw to exert experimental force

source: Beijing Evening News

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