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Small I robot: the "big guy" in the virtual robot circle

among the more than 8000 listed companies gathered on the new third board, Zhizhen intelligence may not be well-known, but its spokesperson is quite famous: small I robot

in the Internet era, Siri of apple, Xiaobing of Microsoft, Duer of Baidu, cloud customer service of Alibaba, Messenger of Facebook and various virtual personal assistants are competing to become close partners in people's lives

however, when the Internet giants were still fighting the business of virtual personal assistant, a small and beautiful Chinese enterprise Zhizhen intelligent, had already evolved its virtual robot small I robot from virtual personal assistant to virtual Customer Assistant (VCA), and successfully implemented the commercialization and business model construction of virtual robot

next, the small I robot should continue to maintain its leadership and extend its core capabilities. Zhu, one of the founders of Zhizhen intelligence, President and CTO of the company, frequently told Shanghai Securities News that the company has built a software hardware cloud development strategy, actively carried out the layout of the whole industry chain, and accelerated the expansion of applications in health consulting, doctor-assisted diagnosis and other fields

xiaoi's struggle history

artificial intelligence is hot, and the world is also paying attention to virtual robots. We have insisted on it for more than ten years, but we can wait for the wind. In the conference room of Zhizhen intelligence, Zhu, one of the founders of xiaoi, President and CTO of the company, frequently joked

Xiao I is the pioneer of chat robots. In 2001, Dr. Zhu Pinpin from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yuan Hui from Microsoft founded zhizhenluo Technology Co., Ltd. with their independently developed enterprise email synchronization system PDA. Entering 2003, the era of mobile Internet seems to be far away, but Zhu and Yuan Hui were keenly aware of the development trend of intelligent voice interaction, quickly turned their focus to virtual intelligent robots, and launched the small I robot, which was known as the world's only virtual artificial intelligence product at that time, in January 2004. Subsequently, the chat robot quickly spread from MSN to Internet spaces such as space and Yahoo mashage, and became very popular

xiaoi robot is on fire, but Zhizhen intelligence has not yet got out of the dilemma. The two founders pondered hard: how does the small I robot achieve hematopoietic function and where is the business model

turn to virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) to really get small I robots out of trouble. In September, 2006, xiaoi robot developed China's first intelligent customer service robot in the government field, Mr. Hyde, for the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. To the surprise of the company, Mr. Hyde has received a good response after his launch. The intelligent virtual customer assistant has greatly solved the customer service bottleneck of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, saved human resources, and improved the efficiency and quality of customer service

under the product effect of Mr. Hyde, orders surged at once. Since then, little I robot began to gallop on the road of VCA

in 2008, the intelligent customer service robot developed by the company for Jiangsu Mobile was launched, opening the application of virtual customer service robot in mobile operators; In 2009, the company developed a virtual customer service robot for the head office of Bank of communications; Subsequently, Jingdong Mall, Hubei Telecom, SF, Lenovo and other major customers poured in. More and more customers not only increased the company's revenue, but also greatly expanded and optimized the company's industry knowledge base

Zhu frequently introduced that at present, about 40 of the three major telecom operators and the top 50 banks in China have become customers of small I robots, with 200 enterprises and government partners

xiaoi's big rival

however, looking up, xiaoi's competitors are all behemoths

it giant Microsoft has been quietly attacking cities and territories in the field of artificial intelligence. In 2014, Microsoft Research Asia released the artificial intelligence companion virtual robot Xiaobing, and then launched Xiaona and Tay chat robots. With the increasingly widespread application of plastics

in addition, there are the vertical and horizontal loads borne by Siri of apple, Duer of Baidu, cloud customer service of Alibaba, and me lock of Facebook ssenger

Zuckerberg previously said that artificial intelligence is an important part of Facebook's development strategic planning in the next decade, and the long-term planning is image recognition, disease diagnosis, etc. Currently, Facebook is working on the intelligent application of its instant messaging tool facebookmessenger

Robin Lee personally demonstrated Duer at Baidu World Conference. Thank you. Say goodbye to everyone. Duer, who ordered coffee for him through voice chat a few minutes ago, consciously quit the screen

globally, virtual robots are still in their infancy. Both Microsoft's Xiaobing and Facebook's messenger are still in the stage of chat robots or virtual personal assistants, and they are also exploring commercial applications and profit models. Industry experts said. In terms of commercial applications, Google has used its new voice assistant googleassistant in Google's home intelligent terminal googlehome. Through voice, people can complete human-computer interaction with it. launched the intelligent customer service robot Jimi in 2014, while Alibaba launched the artificial intelligence shopping assistant (virtual robot) Xiaomi in 2015

Zhu frequently said that when the giants were still obsessed with the virtual personal assistant business, Zhizhen intelligent had promoted its virtual robot from virtual personal assistant to virtual Customer Assistant (VCA), successfully commercialized the virtual robot and built a business model, seizing the market opportunity

how big is the market space for small I robots from chat robots to virtual customer assistants

artificial intelligence technology and virtual machine will greatly improve the technical level of Dongguan plastic industry, and people will bring revolutionary changes to the customer service industry. Zhu frequently said: for example, the data given to us by China Construction Bank is that using our VCA, 2million interactions are completed every day, saving 6000 human seats, and the annual labor cost of each seat is more than 100000; Our intelligent robot saves us $14million for Bank of communications every month. In view of the huge potential market scale, Zhu frequently predicted optimistically that the company's revenue would grow by leaps and bounds in the next three to five years

it is worth mentioning that at this year's international top IJCAI conference, xiaoi robot became the first Chinese company invited to give a speech, and was invited to attend the AI business Symposium in the industry day segment at the end of the IJCAI conference

The report of iimediaresearch shows that the scale of China's entire customer service market is more than 100 billion yuan, but such a huge market is still based on Timken OK load, which indicates the level of extreme pressure function decline of gear oil in the application process at a certain level. Traditional PC customer service and customer service are the main; With the increase of labor costs and other factors, the customer service market urgently needs better technology and solutions

xiaoi robot is the global leader in the field of VCA. Gartner, a well-known research institution, made such comments and listed it as the world's leading intelligent virtual robot together with Watson of IBM. Zhu frequently said that small I robots have core intellectual property rights and leadership in knowledge base accumulation and speech semantic understanding. At present, small I robots can load different knowledge bases and semantic bases to generate industrial intelligent robots, support all channels such as app, and, and can realize interaction in different scenarios through different interaction technologies

next, the small I robot needs to continue to maintain its leadership and extend its core capabilities. Zhu frequently introduced that xiaoi robot has built a software hardware cloud development strategy and actively carried out the layout of the entire industrial chain. The company provides an open ibotsos system and recently released China's most powerful brain cloud intelligence platform 2.0

what excites the industry is that with the development of big data, cloud computing and integrated circuit technology, the era of artificial intelligence has arrived. Microsoft believes that AI is the correct way to open the Internet/mobile Internet in the future, and believes that the chat interface will replace app

from this point of view, the small I robot is indeed standing in the wind. Northeast Securities research report pointed out that the artificial intelligence commercial landing began to break out in an all-round way, and the small I robot has a broad market space. Small I robot is an industry-leading intelligent virtual robot technology provider and platform operator. Its leading voice semantic technology, knowledge reasoning technology and knowledge base can provide intelligent solutions for many industries. In the future, the company can extend and expand to community service, health, legal counsel and other fields on the basis of industry service application

brief introduction of Zhu Pinpin

during his doctoral study, Zhu Pinpin started the entrepreneurship of small I robot and opened his own open life

Zhu Pinpin, a doctor of science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is currently the president and chief technology officer (CTO) of Zhizhen intelligence (small I robot), and has successively invented dozens of scientific and technological patented products, such as chat robot system, SMS robot system, human-computer interaction technology and automatic customer service equipment. Its intelligent interaction engine (small I robot) has become an intelligent customer service robot system for the three major telecom operators, many banks, SF and other enterprises and government departments, and has been widely praised by many leaders and experts such as the Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Software Association

in view of his achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, Zhu has been frequently employed as a member of the user interface and human-computer interaction (SC35) technical standards committee of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee; The most beautiful scientific and technological personnel jointly selected by the Ministry of science and technology and the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee; He has successively won the honors of Shanghai top ten young IT talents, Shanghai software industry pacesetter, Shanghai Youth May 4th medal, Jiading science and technology leading talents, Shanghai top ten young businessmen, etc. He is an expert in technology foresight in the information field of Shanghai Science and technology development

company profile

Zhizhen intelligent (small I robot) was founded in 2001 and was listed on the new third board in December 2015. As the world's leading provider of intelligent robot technology and platform operator, it has long focused on the research and development of intelligent robot technology, and is at the forefront of the industry in the fields of artificial intelligence related technologies such as natural language processing, semantic analysis and understanding, knowledge engineering and intelligent big data. It has applied for more than 200 national invention patent authorizations, and has undertaken the construction of a number of national, provincial and ministerial projects

the company has the world's most advanced Chinese intelligent human-computer dialogue engine, has established a complete architecture including semantic understanding, knowledge representation, machine learning, reasoning and prediction, and upper level applications, and has successively launched virtual/entity intelligent robots, saas/paas platforms, and a variety of industry solutions for different fields, delivering powerful human like intelligent interactive services from the cloud for enterprises, developers, and hardware devices

as a leader in the virtual customer assistant industry, the company has successfully implemented the commercial application and business model construction of intelligent virtual robots. At present, about 40 of the three major telecom operators and the top 50 banks in China have become customers of the company, with 200 enterprises and government partners

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