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Little cherry Technology: how do we telecommute - Video Conference

I believe everyone is familiar with the concept of telecommuting. For office workers who get up early every day and squeeze the subway and bus, being able to work at home every day may be a better choice. Of course, telecommuting not only refers to working at home, but also non local offices such as remote office and mobile office belong to the category of telecommuting

the advantages of telecommuting are countless, so I won't repeat them here. Before trying to use telecommuting, we need to solve the communication problem first. Face to face communication is the best way to communicate in most cases. If you can't communicate face to face in a different place, how can you communicate effectively

in the summer of 2010, I went to the electronic products market to buy a new one, and was struggling with whether to buy 2G or 3G. At that time, I would never dare to imagine that nine years later, 4G has been widely popularized, 5g has been available for many days, and video chat has become a household meal in people's daily life. With the continuous development of communication technology, the rapid prompt of the performance of all kinds of hardware equipment, there are more and more application scenarios of video communication in enterprises, such as telemedicine, distance education, informatization of government party construction, internal video conferences, etc. in my company, the boss often holds meetings with employees through video conferences, The effect of the meeting is even better than that when I am ready-made (PS: because the boss is not around, everyone has a lot of psychological pressure). Therefore, we have every reason to believe that video communication is enough to solve the communication problems encountered in remote office

according to frost Sullivan's latest white paper on China's video communication industry released in April 2019, the size of China's video communication market reached 67.06 billion yuan in 2018, of which the video conference market contributed 16.02 billion yuan, while in 2014, this figure was only 5.23 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth of 32.3%. According to the system construction, video conference can be divided into traditional video conference and emerging video conference. Traditional video conference refers to the video conference based on hardware system. The system is complex, closed, expensive, refined automotive and mechanical products and the almost mean "craftsman spirit". It has high requirements for network and relatively fixed location. While emerging video conference, such as the system based on software and cloud video, and the system based on videolink protocol, It allows us to conduct a convenient, efficient and low-cost online video conference at any place, at any time, using any terminal. It is the continuous development of emerging video conferencing that makes video conferencing become a collaborative office tool that small and medium-sized enterprises can use from a luxury that large enterprises can afford. The long tail effect of the market is gradually emerging. At present, the market size of emerging video conferencing has accounted for more than 70%

at present, the vast majority of video conference cloud soft switch systems are developed based on SIP protocol, such as asterisk, and the hot security protection measure in recent years: freeswitch. The economic cost and learning cost of enterprises accessing video conferencing are also getting lower and lower, and video conferencing solutions are becoming more and more flexible. Solution providers can customize a set of video conferencing solutions for enterprises according to the scale and scene of enterprise video conferencing. So how can enterprises build their own video conference system

first of all, soft switch system services (such as freeswitch) are needed. Enterprises can build soft switch systems on their internal servers with the help of video conference solution providers, and can add more special functions and requirements to meet their own needs on the basis of audio and video conferencing, according to their business scenarios. Enterprises with a certain scale usually choose this method, because it is more flexible, efficient Document, controllable and customizable. Another way is to rent video conference particleboard, medium density fiberboard and plywood, all of which belong to the soft switch cloud services provided by wood-based panel solutions providers, eliminating their own server operation and maintenance costs. This method is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Imagine that an enterprise with only 20 people specially buys a server to use remote office, and hires an operation and maintenance personnel to manage and maintain the soft switch services, This display is extremely inappropriate

secondly, we need video conference terminals, common ones are PC, phone, TV set-top box, etc. theoretically, any device equipped with windows, Linux, Android, IOS and other operating systems can become a video conference terminal. You can open the page on PC to convene department meetings, open the app on PC to participate in the company's monthly meetings, or sit in the conference room with the team and turn on the TV or intelligent projector, Come and discuss technical solutions and details with partners in different places. Video conferencing is no longer limited by location and equipment, giving enterprises a higher degree of convenience and freedom. For enterprise employees, its use is also very simple. Employees only need to know their own account and password, and dial after logging in

usually, the video conference system also comes with many functions to help us better communicate and communicate. If a member's environment is too noisy and he doesn't know it, we can directly mute him; If a member is sleepy but his picture is in an inconspicuous corner of the screen, we can immediately give him the full screen to everyone, and the application of dual stream technology allows us to watch the ppt on one screen and watch the PPT speaker on another screen (although it seems useless)

the booming video conference market has given enterprises more choices. As large as tens of millions, it can build a complete set of remote office platforms, and as small as hundreds of yuan a month, it can also allow employees from different places to hold video conferences together. Video conferencing is becoming more and more mature, which helps telecommuting better solve communication problems, and also helps more and more enterprises solve communication problems in different places. If you are still worried about how to better communicate with colleagues in different places, you might as well try video conferencing, which may help you solve various communication problems you encounter now

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