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The little girl expected her father to go home for the Spring Festival. Her father left home for more than ten years and never came back. Her mother suffered from depression while waiting for her father. The friction torque of the bearing surface was reduced to 40%. Finally, she took sleeping pills and killed herself on the night of 11 years ago, and her father never showed up. Jiajia, a girl from Nanjing who is studying in the first day of junior high school, is still waiting for her father... Recently, as well as caring people in the local community, Sent them fish, rice, eggs and other love new year goods

the minimum annual interest rate is more than 3%. My father ran away from home years ago

when I walked into the house on the second floor, No. 192 Jianning Road, Yuejianglou street, Gulou District, the first thing that came to my nose was a sour smell. My grandmother said that my grandfather was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, dementia, stroke and tracheitis at the same time. Jiajia and her grandparents live in this two bedroom house. Grandma trembles and takes out Jiajia's photo from her wallet. The 14-year-old Jiajia smiles brightly. Just looking at the photo, no one will know the child's misfortune. Grandma began to choke before she began to tell Jiajia's misfortune, because she also suffered from heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage and gastroptosis, and was a man with only half a life

grandma wiped away her tears and began to tell Jiajia's misfortune. Jiajia's father wanted to gradually weaken Jiajia's market mentality because of prejudice shortly after Jiajia was born. For this reason, Jiajia's mother and father often quarreled. At two o'clock in the night, Jiajia's father wanted to send Jiajia out. Fortunately, the first generation ABS was found by her grandfather who was up at night and stopped in time. Soon after, Jiajia's father never came back after he received a call to go out and do business. After grandpa fell seriously ill, Jiajia's mother returned home. Grandma took pity on them and let them live at home

mom is short because of depression

grandma mentioned Jiajia's mother and began to choke again. One night 11 years ago, when Jia Jia was only three years old, her grandparents thought that Jia Jia's mother slept early, so they didn't call her. It was supposed to be a peaceful night. The next morning, Jia Jia went to her mother's bed and shouted "mom gets up", but her mother ignored Jia Jia. Jia Jia continued to shout and shook her mother's body while shouting. Her grandparents lifted her mother's quilt, and her mother's body was already stiff. Mother took sleeping pills to commit suicide. Speaking of this, the community director accompanying her couldn't help wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes

after Jiajia's mother died, her father disappeared, so at the legal level, Jiajia is not an orphan, has been unable to apply for minimum living allowance, and can only live on the meager pension of her grandparents

Jia Jia and her grandparents have been living together for more than ten years, but her grandmother is 76 years old this year and suffers from a variety of diseases. Grandma said that she also had a little daughter, who was not in good health. She was recuperating at home all the year round. Her little son-in-law often cooked some delicious food from home to bring to Jiajia. For their family, it was a luxury to eat meat. Grandma said she still didn't give up looking for Jiajia's father. At least she wanted to know whether Jiajia's father was dead or alive. Jiajia's parents' meeting has never been opened because of the inconvenience of moving with her husband. Jiajia often asks why her father hasn't come back since her mother died, and where is her father

leaving the house, we saw Jiajia's grandfather sitting on the balcony in the sun, his eyes closed and motionless. We said hello, but his grandfather didn't respond. Grandma said that Grandpa's Alzheimer's is getting worse and worse. Grandma has been worried about what Jiajia should do after she and her wife leave. Although she hates Jiajia's father, she still hopes that if he is still alive, he can come back to see Jiajia

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