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After a small bar code finds out the cow for a lifetime, when you buy beef, you will find a bar code sign on each piece of beef, which is called the "ID card" of beef. With this "ID card", consumers can find the life track of the cow at any time

recently, experts at home and abroad, well-known scholars and industry elites of the practical scheme of beef quality tracking and traceability system undertaken by Shaanxi Institute of standardization passed the acceptance of the national coding center and the National Institute of standardization in Xi'an. It is reported that the project will be unfairly implemented in the country next year, regardless of specific materials. After the implementation of the project, when you eat a piece of beef, you can trace the production, transportation and sales of the beef according to the "ID card" code on the beef, so as to know the quality status of each production link

this bar code adopts the global unified identification system, and through the combination of standardized bar code labels, databases and networks, it completes the connection of all links from cattle breeding, breeding, slaughtering, segmentation, transportation to sales. For a specific traceability object, once the beef has health and safety quality problems, people can immediately query the whole feeding and processing process of a piece of beef through these bar code labels on the beef package they buy, which truly solves the long-standing problems of 3D printing customers, and realizes scientific and effective management

in recent years, mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza and other diseases have seriously affected people's health, causing widespread concern all over the world. The European Union stipulates that from January 1, 2005, all foods sold in the European market must have "traceability labels", otherwise they are refused to enter the European market

the national tightening experiment is conditional. Zhao Nan, vice president of the Standardization Research Institute, said at the acceptance meeting that the implementation of bar code label management on beef can not only eliminate the green barriers of cattle products, but also optimize the breeding conditions and realize the quality management control of "from farm to table"

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