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The "small" anchor bolt helps Shanghai's urban transportation transformation

runs through Yan'an Road, the most famous urban trunk road in Shanghai. The 17.5 km long Yan'an Road medium volume public transport system is under intense construction. As one of the major livelihood projects in Shanghai, the project is of great strategic significance in promoting the transformation of urban transportation in Shanghai

"Yan'an Road medium volume public transport system is a key project in Shanghai, and it is also the first road BRT track in Shanghai, which is of special significance for the development of public transport in Shanghai. Therefore, the investor has put forward strict requirements for the implementation and construction of this project. All engineering reconstruction in this 17.5-kilometer-long section and the adjustment of all traffic signs and markings along the line must be completed within 197 days, and the quality of all construction products must reach To the international advanced level. " Mr. sunyuguo, the project manager of the reinforcement subcontractor of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, who is responsible for the construction of the project, introduced to the author

"although the requirements are more stringent, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Institute has contracted all the construction of the project in the EPC mode, and our company is mainly responsible for the reinforcement of the fixed installation of all touch and lighting lamps. In order to meet the high standard requirements for product quality in the project, after research and product testing, we finally locked in Huiyu company, which has long-term cooperation with us."

it is understood that the investment and construction of the medium volume public transport system on Yan'an Road stems from the fact that the original public transport system on this road section can no longer meet the travel needs of citizens. First, due to the serious occupation of roads by non motor vehicles and the interference factors such as the entry and exit of units along the line and the right turn vehicle streets, the running speed of Yan'an road is slow, the speed is only about 12 km/h, and the right of way cannot be guaranteed; At the same time, due to the construction technology in the early stage, no rail transit line was built under the road. Now, due to the viaduct built on Yan'an Road and the fixed size of tall buildings along the line, the conditions for the construction of underground rail transit are no longer available; Line 2, line 10 and line 14, which have been built, are just distributed on the north and south sides of Yan'an Road. Although they are not far away, they are still a certain distance, which brings inconvenience to travel. Therefore, after comprehensive investigation and research, Shanghai transportation departments finally chose to build Yan'an Road medium volume public transport system

medium capacity transit system is a transportation mode between large volume rail transit and small volume conventional bus. The one-way passenger capacity is generally 5000 to 30000 person times/hour, including bus rapid transit (BRT), tram, trolley bus, etc

it is understood that the line of Yan'an Road medium volume bus system project will be operated by 18 meter double source trolleybus, which runs from west to east across Minhang, Changning, Jing'an and Huangpu districts, with a total length of 17.5 kilometers and 25 groups of stations (including 2 initial and terminal stations). In the road setting, move the outermost bus lane to the center of the road to ensure the right of bus lane and the operation time of the road section

people oriented, quality first

"time is tight, the task is heavy, and it can not affect the normal life of citizens. Therefore, before construction, we specially visited all sensitive units along the road section, listened to the opinions of residents and units along the road, and prepared a detailed traffic organization plan for divisional construction." Mr. Sun Yuguo said, "all construction is carried out at night, try not to occupy social lanes, achieve dust and noise reduction, and minimize the impact on the rest of residents along the line."

the construction of Yan'an Road medium volume bus system project mainly includes the construction of new stations along the line, bus signal priority and intelligent system, touch bridge erection, new construction and reconstruction of overpasses, and temporary parking lot on Shenkun road. Among them, Huiyu products are used in all contact erection, installation and fixation of platform screen doors and installation of lighting fixtures

"since the track is completely built on the road surface, all selected reinforcement and reinforcement products must have ultra-high bearing capacity and adaptability to all kinds of bad weather and environment." Mr. Sun Yuguo said, "For example, the Huiyu epoxy anchor glue fisem, which we finally selected, can be used in various complex construction site environments. It has the highest level C2 seismic performance in Europe and is suitable for cracked concrete. It has super strong bonding ability and high stability, which ensures that concrete components will not produce excessive deflection and cracks due to the creep of the anchor glue, and meets the high standard requirements of the contact system of the public transport system in terms of safety performance. ”

it is understood that the installation and fixation of all contact cantilevers and platform screen doors in Yan'an Road medium volume public transport system project adopts Fischer epoxy anchoring glue fisem, and the installation and fixation of lighting fixtures adopts Fischer mold expanded bottom anchor bolt fza18*80m12/25 stainless steel A4

"in our communication with customers, we found that all lighting fixtures in this project are fixed at the bottom of the elevated floor after replacement, and the error will be reduced. In order to prevent the embedded parts from being too deep and damaging the elevated concrete structure, we recommend the stainless steel mold bottom expansion anchor fza18*80m12/25a4, which can achieve stable load only by shallow burial according to local conditions." Mr. Pu meizheng, sales support engineer of Huiyu anchoring system (China), said

this fza product made of A4 stainless steel is not affected by the outdoor environment and temperature, and has excellent seismic performance (etac1 seismic certification). Even in the cracking area, the load performance is very stable. After installation, it can bear the maximum design load without waiting time (compared with the chemical anchor bolts for the treatment and recycling of waste plastics in recent years, as pointed out by ordinary insiders); There is almost no expansion stress when the anchor bolt acts, so it can be economically anchored with small side spacing; The Jinan experimental machine is a high-precision motor integrated with modern electronic measurement, control technology and precision transmission. The structural design of the mechanical lock key in the integrated equipment makes the installation more stable and reliable and increases the safety guarantee

Fischer epoxy anchoring glue fisem, which is suitable for various environments and has the highest bearing capacity, "the medium volume bus system on Yan'an road is set up from Wubao Road station to Shuicheng Road station, and from Loushanguan Road station to Chengdu North Station. The two-way total length of the overhead line is 27 kilometers. The fixation of all contact cantilever arms on the overhead column and the installation and fixation of platform screen doors in the whole line are made of Fischer epoxy anchoring glue fisem." Pu meizheng continued to introduce

this product is a strong injection anchor glue developed for steel bar planting and cracked concrete. It is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments, not only for drilling in wet or open water, but also for underwater (including seawater) construction

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