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Plastics industry: there are opportunities in the crisis

the current domestic economic situation is still severe, the impact of the financial crisis on the real economy is still bottoming out, inflation pressure is increasing, and the plastics industry in Taizhou has also been impacted to a certain extent. Transparency is very good, especially the business situation of export-oriented enterprises is more worrying. On June 30 and July 1, at the provincial Plastic Industry Summit Forum held in Taizhou, insiders generally believed that the plastic industry was still in crisis, but there were also development opportunities in the crisis

according to the data, in 2008, Taizhou had more than 11000 plastic production enterprises, more than 2000 mold manufacturing enterprises, more than 30000 injection molding equipment, more than 200000 employees, an annual consumption of raw materials of more than 3.8 million tons, and a total industrial output value of 46.5 billion yuan, accounting for one tenth of the country. Compared with previous years, Taizhou Plastic production enterprises have been significantly affected by the financial crisis

an executive of Sanyou Holding Group Co., Ltd. believes that the plastic industry may face the following four pressures in the next two to three years: first, the pressure caused by the sharp decline and rise in raw material prices and meager profits; Second, financing difficulties and financial costs Jinan Shijin wood-based panel universal experimental machine is the pressure brought by the rise of the electronic universal experimental machine developed and designed by Jinan experimental machine factory for wood-based panel production enterprises and quality inspection departments; Third, the pressure brought by industrial upgrading and structural adjustment; Fourth, the pressure brought by the shrinking foreign market and overcapacity

"the crisis is not terrible, but there is no idea; the difficulty is not terrible, but there is no confidence; the challenge is not terrible, but there is no synergy." Huang Shilin, general manager of Wenzhou Yongchang nylon Co., Ltd., told that although the production costs of the plastic industry were rising and the state introduced measures such as increasing the export tax rebate rate this year, the data still showed that it was difficult to alleviate the crisis in a short time, but they did not lose confidence and felt that the industry was still full of business opportunities

"crisis, crisis, is to contain opportunities in the crisis. In the face of crisis, enterprises should do everything possible to improve their brand value, maintain market share, and pass the difficult period through independent innovation. Our association will give full play to the function of serving enterprises, give advice, and make plastic enterprises grasp the direction in the crisis." Wang Luping, President of Zhejiang Plastic Industry Association, said

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